How to Clean a Mop : my Grandmother’s Trick!

There is a nice little trick to thoroughly clean the tool we use to wash the floors: it is putting salt on the mop. Let’s see how it works.

Often when using mops to do household chores we forget to clean them. This is quite a serious failing, because we cannot “clean” anything without also cleaning the tool we use to accomplish the chore.

Putting salt on the mop is precisely for this purpose. It is an operation to remove germs and bacteria from the mop.

Salt on the mop: how to use it?

First, the mop should never be left in the bucket with dirty water: this is in fact the best way for germs to multiply, which among other things can result in a fairly repulsive smell.

Some people provide cleaning with bleach, others with baking soda. Our advice is to use salt. It is an inexpensive and very practical remedy that is almost miraculous. Just a tablespoon of coarse salt on the mop, then pour about a liter of water into the bucket and then let it sit for an hour or so.

And with that the job is done. Then all that remains is to rinse the mop and change the water and that’s it.

Rock salt has been used for centuries to sanitize surfaces and objects. But it is the combination of salt and water that creates an osmotic action that can kill bacteria in relatively little time.

Other remedies

As anticipated above, there are other remedies, too, for mop cleaning. For example, there are those who, in addition to salt, pour lemon juice into the water and then keep the rags and mop soaking for a couple of hours.

Still others find baking soda useful, also combined with salt; and there are even those who use infusions and oils such as tea tree oil. This is a solution that has antibacterial properties and can get rid of bad odors in no time.

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