How to Clean a Radiator: Easy Steps to Remove Dust and Grime

During the months when it is not kept off, the radiator accumulates a considerable amount of dust. If we take the outside part, it is not difficult to remove it properly. The problem arises when you have radiators in your home with narrow slots that make it more complicated! How to be able to effectively clean those areas as well without getting too tired? Today I will give you the solution by explaining the knot method, invaluable in such cases, let’s see together how to use it!

Procedure of the method

The knot method is very simple, but most importantly, it is quick that is why it is particularly popular and popular! What you will need to do is to get a normal-sized wipe or a fairly thin dust-catching cloth. Spread the cloth you have chosen (between wipes or dust catchers) well and take a corner, then tie a knot letting part of the corner come out. At this point, you will need to put the cloth in the crevices and pull it down taking it by the part of the corner you left out at the knot. Proceed in this way for all the crevices and when you see that it has gotten too dirty, change the cloth otherwise you will not get the desired effectiveness. Complete the cleaning and the dust will be gone from even the most difficult spaces!

Dust alternatives

We have seen together the knot method that you can keep on hand anytime you want. However, there are alternatives you can consider for all the places where dust creeps in and they are super simple! Let’s find out what they are and how to use them the right way!

Hair dryer

The first trick I can’t help but recommend is the hair dryer! Just use this simple appliance to get dust-free radiators. You will have to, however, first put a damp rag in the back and on the floor under the radiator so that it collects and holds the dust rather than dirtying the floor and wall. Well, proceed by operating the jet and medium temperature, then move the hair dryer closer to all parts of the radiator and wait until all the dust has fallen off. To finish, wipe a damp microfiber cloth over the entire surface and there you go!

Vacuum cleaner

Same step accomplished with the hair dryer you can also do with a vacuum cleaner! Of course you will need the appropriate nozzle, mount it holding it firmly and start the vacuum always with the medium and not fast jet. Remember to always put damp microfiber cloths both behind and under the radiators, then pick it up and clean the various areas of the radiator. You will see that it will be as good as new!


The last method I recommend to say goodbye to dust on the radiator is a comforter! I recommend you get one with electrostatic fibers that hold dust well and especially thin, so that it can get into even the tightest spaces. Just wipe it over all areas of the radiator, then complete with a microfiber cloth over the surfaces, and there you will have your radiator dust-free and as good as new!


We always recommend periodic maintenance of the radiator, especially if you are turning it on for the first time.

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