How to Clean an Oven Quickly and Thoroughly

The oven is among the appliances that we women use several times a day to prepare different types of dishes, pasta, main courses, side dishes as well as delicious desserts in a few minutes in a fairly practical way without polluting thousands of pots and stoves. Precisely because it is proposed as a lifesaver in the kitchen, especially if you have unexpected guests for lunch or dinner, the oven, like any household appliance, must also be cleaned and carefully monitored. In fact, if proper maintenance is not performed within the established deadlines, you risk that it will suddenly stop working or even be damaged and you will be forced to incur significant costs to have it repaired by a professional or buy a second one.

It is important to know that this device should be cleaned daily, after each use or at least after heavy use. Especially if you prepare certain foods, for example, fish, the smell of which hardly goes away after cooking. In this case, it is advisable to leave the oven door open for as many hours as possible to try to ventilate it as much as possible. If this does not work, it is advisable to switch to disinfection with the specified products, which are never refused.

Why cleaning your oven is important

The oven can be cleaned in various ways, which in any case will take a few seconds, simply by using the right products that, as soon as they come into contact with the appliance, will remove the dirt without damaging the material, ensuring maximum health of the dishes prepared in it. freshly cleaned. For example, many people use products suitable for cleaning the oven , which they buy in supermarkets or stores that sell household products, these cost money and do not always work adequately. Most of the time, for example, they do not rinse well because they remain even minimally on the surfaces. So, then they change the taste or smell of food, which is even dangerous to health. All this is certainly unhygienic and unsatisfactory.

Oven cleaning with natural products has never been so easy

In reality, natural products or products that we have at home, especially in the pantry, are enough to clean the oven, for example, bicarbonate, which is not very aggressive, but thanks to its whitening, disinfecting and decalcifying properties manages to eliminate it dirt in an ecological way and even eliminates bad odors in seconds. To clean the oven with bicarbonate, pass a soft sponge moistened with water and bicarbonate over the dirty surface, with the oven off, of course, then rinse with warm water and lemon, eliminating any remaining bad odors despite the action of the bicarbonate, which generally never disappoints. Or use coarse salt, perfect for encrustations or burns that disappear in just 15 minutes after laying the product. Just let the salt soak in and that’s it. The perfect solution for all housewives.

How to remove bad odors and stains with something we all have in the house

Alternatively, there is another remedy that really works and doesn’t require muscle power or who knows what effort, and that is the use of dishwasher tabs. If you have one, you certainly have it under the kitchen sink, if you don’t have one, you can buy it at a minimal cost and solve the problem of oven maintenance once and for all. If you take only two, put them in a bowl, then pour 1 cup of water and melt them, crushing them with a fork or spoon. When you are done, put on a glove so as not to hurt your hands, put the solution in the oven with a sponge and leave it for a few minutes. Then cover the oven with absorbent paper, perform the same operation with the glass, rinse the inside carefully with water after a few minutes and finally dry it with a soft cloth or absorbent cloth. And here again the oven will be impeccably new, fragrant, shiny.

The same technique can be used to clean any other surface in the kitchen, even greasy or stained stove.

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