How to Clean Cobwebs Using Simple Household Supplies

It can happen to all of us to spot cobwebs in the corners of the walls of our home and immediately feel a feeling of disgust. In reality, however, it happens more often than we think as spiders tend to weave their webs in the unreachable places that are more difficult to clean. But you won’t have to resign yourself to their presence! Today, in fact, we will see together how to remove cobwebs from the corners of walls and how to prevent their formation as well!

  • Broom

The first trick to remove cobwebs is to use the cleaning tool you use to remove dust from floors: the broom. So, get yourself an angled broom and attach, then, a microfiber cloth with a rubber band over its bristles. Alternatively, you can also tuck in 2 old cotton socks. After that, sweep it over the corners, taking care to proceed from the top to the bottom, so that the cobwebs and dirt fall out. If you notice, then, the presence of even a spider, we recommend that you be careful and catch it gently, avoiding crushing it and staining the wall. Finally, pick up the dirt from the floors and that’s it: the cobwebs in the corners of your walls will be just a bad memory!

N.B If your ceilings are very high and you need a ladder, we recommend you get help with this operation.

  • Dust catcher comforter

Another tool you can use to remove cobwebs is the well-known dust catcher quilt. In addition to those on the market, you can also use a DIY quilt made from wool sweaters that you do not use , which can attract dust thanks to the electrostatic action it exerts. Wrap, then, an old sweater around a stick and secure it with a rubber band or ribbon. After that, run the quilt over the corners of the wall, making circular motions so as to trap the cobweb. Finally, remove further traces of dust accumulated in the corners and whisk the comforter out of the window so that you can eventually release the spider outside.

  • Vacuum cleaner

Finally, let’s see how to use a vacuum cleaner, which although it may be an obvious remedy, is, however, very effective in cleaning the corners of ceilings and ridding them of cobwebs especially if you do not want to get close to the spiders. We recommend, therefore, that you apply the most suitable nozzle for cleaning corners and then vacuum up all the dirt, dust and cobwebs that have formed.

  • How to prevent them

So far, we have seen how to remove cobwebs and dirt from the corners of walls. But how, instead, to prevent their formation? Let’s see it together!

  • Regular cleaning

As we have already mentioned, spiders like to weave webs in the places that are hardest to reach and, therefore, most difficult to clean. Therefore, we recommend that you proceed often with the cleaning of this part of the house. Every 15 days or maximum one month, therefore, clean the corners with a dust ruffle and also use a spray with essential oils to prevent the arrival of spiders, which can ill tolerate strong odors, especially of eucalyptus and lavender.

In a spray bottle, then, add about 10 drops of your chosen essential oil to half a quart of water and spray the resulting mixture in all the corners of your ceiling or even other places where you have found cobwebs recently: goodbye cobwebs! This spray will also help to spread a nice scent throughout the house!

  • Tobacco odor

There is an ancient remedy that can keep spiders away, and it consists of spreading the smell of tobacco around the house. Add, therefore, to a pot containing water a little powdered tobacco and bring it, then, to a boil. At this point, let it boil for another 15 to 20 minutes, after which let the infusion cool, pour it into a bottle with a vaporizer and spray it directly into the corners of the ceiling. We recommend that you repeat this operation periodically so that the smell of tobacco is always so intense as to keep spiders away.

  • Repellent plants

Finally, let’s see how to take advantage of the natural repellent action of some plants against spiders. These include very fragrant plants such as lavender, mint, basil, garlic, lemon and thyme. All you will have to do, then, is put these seedlings around the house or near the windows, and the spiders will back up!


During this cleaning operation, be careful not to come in contact with the spiders if you are an allergy sufferer. Get help in cleaning the corners of the ceiling walls.

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