How to clean marble, 9 Remedies

Cleaning marble is an operation that requires attention so as not to ruin it, not to scratch it and to safeguard the shine and beauty of this material. Let’s take a look at things to avoid, grandma’s remedies and methods for cleaning floors, furniture and marble surfaces.

How to Clean Marble: 9 Remedies

Here are the tips and steps to try for cleaning marble:

  1. Wipe the dust off the marble with a soft cloth. In general, be careful not to use abrasive tools and products.
  2. After cleaning the marble with the chosen remedy or product, rinse and dry carefully.
  3. Do not use acidic products and ingredients that can damage it such as citric acid, vinegar, lemon.
  4. To clean marble, a grandmother’s remedy is to put a few caps of ph-neutral shampoo in a bucket of water.
  5. Another grandmother’s remedy is to wash marble with water and Marseille soap.
  6. Popular cleaning methods include using a mixture of water and bicarbonate of soda.
  7. To clean marble, you can also use a special detergent for this type of material and for fine surfaces. Check the label and use it according to the instructions.
  8. A grandmother’s mixture is a mix of a few flakes of Marseille soap, about a tablespoon of bicarbonate of soda and about a tablespoon of alcohol per litre of water.
  9. one last method to clean marble is that you can use a little olive oil or other ingredients found here.

Before cleaning the marble, for each remedy and product, test a small spot on the floor, shelf or surface.

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