How to clean outdoor furniture, give your tables, chairs, and garden rugs a spruce

During summertime there is nothing better than spending a pleasant sunny day in the garden with your friends or loved ones, maybe even sipping something cool. Be careful, however, not to neglect cleaning your garden furniture. Indeed, it is not easy to keep your outdoor furniture in a great state and ready for guests. This guide will provide you with simple and easy tips to take care of your garden set!

How to clean plastic garden furniture?

Plastic garden furniture gets dirty easily. In fact, they are almost always kept outside, where they are more likely to get dirty from dust, weather and smog. Cleaning them, however, is very simple and can be done using only natural and readily available products. First, act with a damp cloth to remove the first thick layer of dirt and dust. Next, prepare a mixture, consisting of one liter of warm water, two tablespoons of baking soda and one of hydrogen peroxide. This mixture will allow you to say goodbye to the grayish patina, making the plastic of your garden furniture brighter and whiter.

How to clean a metal garden set?

Metal is a material prone to oxidation, a situation that leads to the fastest damage and wear of any object. Therefore, its care and careful maintenance are more crucial than ever for proper preservation. Once again baking soda comes to our aid. In fact, there is a simple solution to clean metal garden furniture. Take half a cup of baking soda and mix it with just two tablespoons of boiling water. Then with a sponge lightly scrub the material, letting it dry immediately after cleaning in order to avoid unsightly halos.

How to clean wooden garden furniture?

Many pieces of garden furniture are made of teak, which is a type of exotic hardwood. Its cleaning is very easy and straightforward. Generally, all you will need is some warm water, a sponge and a nylon wood brush. Thus, in just a few simple steps, your wooden garden furniture will be in perfect shape! NB: This type of wood resists water. Therefore, rinse your wooden garden set thoroughly in order not to leave any kind of residue.

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