How to Clean Wooden Furniture to Make it Like New Again

Wooden furniture makes up the majority of interior design. However, wooden furniture that is designed to last can lose its shine and luster through daily use. Here’s a good reason to consider using natural products to restore the luster and shine to your furniture. It is possible to give your interior furniture a second wind. The proof with these natural products that can restore your wooden furniture.

What natural products should be used to care for wooden furniture?

It’s no secret that wooden furniture adds a significant aesthetic touch to any interior. The proof, they can be found in all rooms of the house: Living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen and even bathroom. Cabinets, tables, cupboards, desks, bookshelves, most, if not all of this furniture is made of wood. Wood is considered a noble and ecological material and requires daily care so that it does not lose its splendor, luster and shine. Xylophagous insects, fungi, humidity, so many external factors that can attack the wood of your furniture every day. Affected, the wood loses its quality, and some cracks appear everywhere. As a result, your wooden furniture will be at the end of its life sooner than expected. Therefore, opt for natural products to treat a product from nature while preserving your health and that of your furniture. So, are you ready to give the wood of your furniture a second life thanks to our tips?

  • Methylated spirits to remove stains from the wood of your furniture

Methylated spirits can be a great solution if you want to fight visible stains on your wooden furniture. Its active ingredients allow you to fight all kinds of scratches and make them invisible over time. This practice does not require any special physical effort. All you need is a small amount of denatured alcohol, some water and a cotton ball. Simply mix the water with the denatured alcohol and then soak your cotton in the resulting solution. Wipe off stains in a circular motion on the wood surface. Keep in mind that denatured alcohol is a toxic and potentially flammable product. So, take all your precautions when using it, including wearing gloves and a mask to protect your skin.

  • Coffee grounds to polish the wood of your furniture

Another alternative to industrial and chemical products is coffee grounds. Thanks to the small coffee beans that make it up, you can polish your wooden furniture while reducing the scratches on it. And for even more efficiency, don’t hesitate to add a touch of olive oil. This will give you a paste that you can gently apply to the wood of your furniture. After 30 minutes of exposure, wipe everything off with a microfiber cloth. Result: the shine of your wood will be revived!

  • Linseed oil to maintain and protect the wood of your furniture.

The 100% natural linseed oil has many properties designed to nourish, protect and restore shine and luster to wood such as beech and oak. In particular, its natural benefits can repel all the attacks to which your wooden furniture may be exposed: Waterproofing, UV radiation, insects and other fungi. Before applying linseed oil to the wooden surface of your furniture, remember to remove all the dirt and impurities present there. Sand the wood with a sandpaper for more efficiency. Then, apply a few drops of linseed oil on the wood with a brush; several coats are needed. All you need to do is wait for your furniture to dry slowly for an amazing result.

Of course, these tips will help you restore your wooden furniture without spending a fortune on cleaning products

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