How to Clean Your Oven Glass Door: Tips and Tricks

One of the most used appliances in the kitchen is the oven. That’s why it’s important to keep it clean after every use. But if you have not been consistent in this task and your oven is currently very dirty, full of grease or even blackened, we leave you with some tricks to clean it as best as possible and without too much effort. Cleaning the oven is usually not one of the very pleasant household chores. To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to apply a suitable product for cleaning the interior glass of the oven. Let’s see which one.

Dirty oven glass, if you clean it this way, all the dirt and grease go away in one wipe

It is one of the most used household appliances. Because of this, it is easy to get very dirty. Surely then you have realized how important its cleaning and care is. For all that, and also for hygienic reasons, keeping the oven clean at all times is a priority. Here is how to clean the interior glass of the oven quickly and effectively. Before you start cleaning the oven and its glass, if you want to have it as good as new, you will need to clean it thoroughly both inside and outside.

Baking soda, vinegar or dishwashing liquid.

The first thing we need to do is to remove the encrustations, and so that it doesn’t cost us so much, we can first soften them with some degreaser. It is true that there are specific products for cleaning the oven, but they are usually very aggressive. Therefore, you should know that one of the most effective is dish detergent diluted with water, as it can be used to clean the oven.

Other natural remedies you can also use are baking soda or vinegar. You just need to mix water and baking soda until you get a paste and apply it all over the door to clean the inside glass of the oven. Leave it on for about 20 minutes before scrubbing with a sponge to remove the dirt. If the dirt is heavily encrusted, you will need larger amounts of baking soda, as the entire glass must be impregnated. After the time specified for the action of the mixture has elapsed, it is time to remove the stains, and you will see that, as if by magic, the glass will shine like new again.

Rinse with water

After you have scrubbed the entire surface very well, it is time to rinse off the product you have used. To do this, you can use a microfiber cloth to clean the interior glass of the oven and get amazing results. Next, we need to proceed to dry the glass. For this, we recommend that you use a soft cloth that does not leave lint. If your oven glass is mirrored, you can also use a little alcohol after drying it. This will make the glass completely shiny and you will be able to see through it without any problems.

Oven cleaning, here’s how often to do it and how!

Finally, we don’t want to say goodbye without giving you some tips for keeping your oven glass pristine for longer. Just clean the inside glass of your oven every time you use it. Also, it is good to do it with some natural remedies, since the oven is in constant contact with food.

One of the most effective products for cleaning the oven door after each use is lemon, which will also remove bad odors from this appliance. Another useful tip we want to give you is to leave the oven door open for a while after cooking is finished. This will allow clean air to penetrate and prevent the formation of halos that will remain embedded in the glass. Other natural products you can use to clean the oven, besides lemon, are baking soda mixed with a little white vinegar. This mixture is very useful, especially when there are difficult stains. What are you waiting for to try these tricks? The results speak for themselves!

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