How to Clean Your Radiators: Super Easy Steps to Remove Dust and Dirt

As the cool weather arrives, you start taking steps to avoid freezing too much during the day. Among many, the most important thing is to operate the radiators so as to avoid freezing rooms. You will be well aware, however, that before turning on the radiators you need to clean them thoroughly because you may run into malfunction. They also accumulate a lot of dust during the shutdown period, even if they have been covered. Let’s see together how to make them new again!

Getting started

To begin with a thorough cleaning of the radiator, a very important preliminary step must be taken, which is to carefully remove all the dust! When they are not in use, many people cover and not even put wood coverings on the radiators, but unfortunately dust still creeps in. In order to remove it permanently, I recommend that you take a down or cloth with electrostatic fibers so that it will hold it well without moving it from side to side. Run the cloth or comforter over the front and back of the radiator and the sides. If you have very narrow crevices, all you have to do is take a washcloth, tie a knot in the corner and insert it into the crevice, then slide it on and all the dust will be gone in no time! Once you’ve dusted thoroughly, let’s see how to continue cleaning the radiator!

Cleaning the inside

Cleaning the inside of the radiator always seems like a chore, but actually, just getting a little hands-on will make it easier!

Warning. Before proceeding, keep in mind that there are some radiators that necessarily require expert maintenance before they can be put to work again. Well, place a basin under the valve so as to collect all the water, then very gently slowly disassemble the valve. You will see that after a while the water will come out and it is important that you only let out the black water, which is the dirtiest part. Do not let out all the water otherwise you will risk compromising the operation of the radiator. Now firmly close the valve again with the appropriate wrench and that’s it!

Pitcher method for the outside

Finally, we will deal with the outside of the radiator with a very effective trick that cleans thoroughly. This is the jug method, which is great for thoroughly washing the radiator before putting it on, let’s see how to use it depending on the type of radiator you own:

  • Cast-iron radiator:

These are more delicate and require specific ingredients such as bar soap. Dissolve 1 tablespoon of flakes in a jug with hot water and pour it into all the cracks of the radiator to degrease thoroughly, let the water run, remembering to put towels or a basin underneath.

  • Aluminum radiators:

You can do the same as described above, but putting 1 cup of vinegar instead of bar soap. Once you have poured in all the water, wait for it to drip off thoroughly and then wipe with a microfiber cloth to dry. There goes the radiator, and it will be as good as new!


Always consult any washing instructions and, if they have been off for too long, have an expert do an initial maintenance.

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