How to do Laundry: Never put these cloths in the washing machine!

Even though the washing machine has become an indispensable household appliance, there are some items of clothing that if washed even by accident in the machine, you have to throw them away afterwards. During the economic boom, the washing machine was instrumental in lending a helping hand to those throughout their lives, such as housewives, who were forced after hours of hard work to deal with household laundry as well.

All this is now a thing of the past. Despite this convenience, there are still garments that must be washed by hand to avoid nasty surprises. One of these, for example, is the underwire bra. If it ends up by mistake with the other cloths in the washing machine, it is easy that when you take it out of the basket, it is deformed, ruined and to be thrown away. So, it is always recommended to be very careful. The only option, to be able to wash them in the washing machine, is to buy the accessory that allows you to avoid bad accidents.

Perfect laundry: never put these cloths in the washing machine!

Never wash lace linens in the washing machine, it is certain that this delicate fabric will be ruined, and in the worst case, it will destroy itself. So, the optimal solution in this case is hand washing. The same for microfiber cloths. Although it wrinkles little easily, if put in the washing machine it can be seriously damaged. Again, it is best to wash the garment by hand with Marseille soap.

Silk is also out for machine washing. This fabric is among the most delicate and could even be destroyed. This fabric should be washed by hand in warm water and if you can, do not even wring it out. Hang it on a hanger and wait for it to drain, putting the hanger in the shower or in a place where it can drain undisturbed. To avoid washing mistakes, always read the label inside the garments.

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