How to Effectively Combat Moisture in the Kitchen

High humidity in the kitchen, unfortunately, also leads to the formation of moisture in the cabinets where we keep our food stored. And this becomes a big problem, both because it could damage the wood and because it could ruin the various stored foods. Fortunately, however, today we suggest some tricks to remove moisture from kitchen cabinets quickly and easily! Let’s see them together!

Baking soda

The first remedy we suggest is to use the much-known baking soda, an ingredient that can fight bad odors and excess moisture. All you will have to do, then, is fill some small bowls or some cotton bags with this ingredient and arrange them, then, in the various corners of your kitchen cabinets. Replace, then, the baking soda when it feels wet and voila: the moisture will be gone!

Rock salt

A similar remedy to the one already seen for baking soda is the one that involves the use of rock salt, which boasts a strong absorbent power. Not surprisingly, in fact, it is used to make a DIY home dehumidifier! So, fill small bowls or breathable bags with salt and place them in the corners of your shelves or wherever is most convenient for you. You will notice that, over time, the ingredient will tend to dissolve because it will have absorbed the moisture, at which point, therefore, change it or heat it to use again.


After baking soda and salt, we could not fail to mention rice, which is very effective in absorbing moisture in the closed rooms of our home. We remind you, in fact, that you can also use it in closets to avoid the smell of dampness on your clothes! Add, then, a few tablespoons of rice to some cotton bags and place them, then, in the corners of your pantry. Since it is able to absorb water naturally, it will manage to reduce the moisture content of the cabinet in no time!

Coffee grounds

It may seem like too wacky a remedy, yet it is able to come to your rescue in such cases. What are we talking about? Coffee grounds, which are endowed with a great absorbent and anti-odor property. All you have to do, then, is to add coffee grounds in several small bowls, and place them, then, in the corners of your furniture and goodbye humidity! We remind you, however, to change them every 2 or 3 days to make this remedy always effective.

Newspaper sheets

Did you know that newspaper sheets are an ancient grandmother’s remedy for absorbing excess moisture in enclosed spaces? Well, yes! Since, however, it is the thick paper that is able to absorb moisture, we remind you to use sheets such as those of the newspaper and not those of magazines, various flyers and so on. So put, then, 1 or 2 layers of newspaper sheets on each cabinet shelf and that’s it! Again, please remember to change them from time to time so that this remedy is always efficient. As if that weren’t enough, newspaper sheets are also useful in the home for degreasing glass and removing halos!


Finally, let’s look at one last equally effective trick: chalks! That’s right-the very ones we used in school to write on the blackboard! These, in fact, seem to be able to absorb and counteract moisture in your kitchen cabinets. Put, then, some chalk on the various furniture shelves and moisture will be just a bad memory! If you want, then, to make them yourself and want to use them to scent the furniture, you can make DIY scented chalks!


I would like to remind you that these remedies are intended to counteract moisture in general cases, but if you notice that the rate is so high that it causes mold or ruins furniture, you should seek expert advice

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