How to Freeze Custard : no more waste in the kitchen!

Being able to freeze custard sauce is an interesting topic to discuss. But can it be done? What changes in taste and texture? Let’s find out more!

Can custard sauce be frozen? Absolutely yes. Surely there are some who will not accept this thought, but when you are super busy, it is necessary to adopt tricks that allow you to reduce time without giving up homemade preparations.

Freezing custard sauce is possible, and this trick will allow you not to give up classic preparations at parties or celebrations!

How to freeze custard sauce :

The product to be frozen must, of course, be fresh, which is why it is important to freeze custard sauce that has been prepared for no more than a couple of hours (but still must be well chilled!). The cream, in fact, being based on eggs and milk tends to sour with time, so we advise you not to freeze it if more than 24 hours have already passed since its preparation.

Cream, like all foods that should be stored in the freezer, must also be protected from ice, so it should always be placed inside airtight containers.

The recommended freezing time is relatively short: in order not to compromise taste and texture store it for a maximum of 6-8 weeks.

How to use frozen custard sauce :

If you plan to use frozen custard sauce, you must remove it from the freezer and thaw it directly inside the refrigerator. If, at the end of thawing, you notice that the custard sauce has released liquid, you can strain it through a strainer so as to remove the most liquid part and then work it for a few minutes with electric whips.

Tasting the cream is mandatory before using it to make sure it tastes good, then use it for your favorite preparations. It is best to use the thawed cream for cooked preparations such as cakes, cookies and tarts or small pastry treats such as cream puffs!


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