How to Get Dog Hair Out of Clothes, An Effortless Remedy for Pets’ Hair at Home.

If you have pets at home, you are surely struggling with the hair that dogs and cats leave behind. These sweet friends often sit or fall asleep on our clothes or blankets, leaving behind a flood of hair that is difficult to get rid of completely. Obviously, their company is worth it, but it is a problem that we would all like to solve in order to keep them looking their best, but also to keep the house clean at all times and prevent any guests from filling up with hair by sitting down. So, how to do it?

Sponge in the washing machine: An Effortless Remedy for Pets’ Hair at Home.

There are a few tricks to get rid of dogs’ and cats’ hair when washing in the washing machine:

  • The vinegar trick – pour a glass of white vinegar into the softener drawer before turning on the washing machine so that it can reach the clothes quickly. Afterwards put the fabric softener in and during washing the latter dilutes the fibers and allows the clothes to lose their attached hairs. A quick reminder: Vinegar is used a lot for household cleaning.
  • You can also use laundry balls and wet wipes. Both are easy to find and insert them in the drum while washing. They will catch hair and lint while the washing machine is in action. For the wipes, it will be sufficient to insert two inside the drum.
  • But the solution that no one knows about is the dish sponge, the classic green and yellow one. The method is very simple, it is in fact enough to put it in the basket during washing and the hairs will stick like a magnet on the green part of the sponge. You will be amazed!

It is recommended when using these methods against hair and lint to use a gentle spin cycle to avoid surprises. You can choose the method you prefer, but undoubtedly the sponge method, which is less known and used, will surprise you a lot compared to the others.

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