How to Get Rid of Bad Odors from the Refrigerator with Baking Soda?

You probably already know that baking soda is an incredibly versatile powder with excellent cleaning properties. Indispensable at home to track down all kinds of dirt and remove the most stubborn stains, this ingredient makes it easier for you to clean all surfaces and elements of the house. But did you know that it also has great deodorizing abilities? To neutralize all bad odors from the bathroom to the kitchen refrigerator, this is the ally you need!

Are you used to using towels to clean certain areas of the fridge or even to cover your cooked dishes? The problem is that you need to make sure that they do not give off bad odors. If this is the case, wet them and pour some baking soda over them before putting them in the fridge. The effect will be immediate: it will absorb all the unpleasant odors from your towels and prevent them from getting on the food. As a bonus, you can even use this natural product to neutralize strong food odors that proliferate in the refrigerator or freezer. Remember to replace the powder at least every three months. Quickly find out how you can use the deodorizing power of baking soda.

How to get rid of the unpleasant smell of towels with baking soda?

Before you think about getting rid of bad odors clinging to your towels, you must first check the cause to prevent the problem from recurring. Maybe your washing machine is plagued by mold, maybe you use too much detergent when washing, or maybe you make the mistake of leaving your towels in the drum too long after the program ends. In the first case, the musty smell can soak up the towels . It is then necessary to maintain your washing machine more regularly. And if you use too much detergent, the towels are more difficult to rinse and may contain some residues of the product, but also dirt. This not only leads to unpleasant odors, but also to the proliferation of bacteria. Finally, if you leave your towels lying around in the machine after the wash cycle, you will not only cause unpleasant odors, but also increase the risk of mold due to moisture.

Caution: also remember not to overload the laundry drum. Because the detergent cannot properly clean all parts, and the water will also not circulate properly. It is better to wash the towels separately. Also plan a hot water cleaning program: this will get rid of dirt, grease stains, bacteria and unpleasant odors.

How to get rid of bad refrigerator odors with baking soda?

Baking soda is a true champion for neutralizing odors. And it works quickly in the refrigerator! How to use it. Pour at least one cup of this white powder into a shallow container without a lid (like a bowl or small plate) or leave it whole in its open box. In this way, the sodium bicarbonate crystals that make up baking powder come into contact with the smelly molecules of the food origin to neutralize them. Therefore, the powder must be well exposed to the ambient air of the refrigerator. And do not forget to renew the operation every 3 months. To get rid of more stubborn odors in the refrigerator, such as fish or cheese that have penetrated the premises, you can then rely on the power of white vinegar. This other natural and ecological ingredient has excellent absorbent and deodorizing properties.

Thanks to its acetic acid, it can kill bacteria and neutralize bad odors throughout the house. Simply place a half-filled jar of white vinegar in the refrigerator near the source of the odor. Rest assured, the pungent smell of the vinegar itself will dissipate within a few hours, leaving you with a fresh refrigerator that is free of all unsightly fumes. Replace the vinegar after a few days if you notice its effect wearing off.

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