How To Get Rid Of Flies: the natural and super effective way to drive them away without pesticides

Flies are among the most nuisance and annoying insects. In most cases, they are not exactly dangerous to human health, except in special situations, but it is certainly better not to have them around, because we all know very well that these insects do not disdain to feast on rotten meat and other matters that are not worth mentioning here.

Flies: the natural and effective way to drive them out without pesticides

We all know about the insecticidal products that can be found in supermarkets, but we also know that they are usually full of substances that kill flies, yes, but sometimes also harm the environment and human health.

The question then is, how can we keep flies away without resorting to industrial insecticides?

Well, the answer is that there are all-natural remedies that can be used that are effective without being dangerous to the environment and our health.

Below is the natural remedy that can help you get rid of insects.


While summer brings with it many beautiful and fun things, summer is also the season of insects and flies in the first place. We all know how annoying and troublesome they can be. And we all know the subtle feeling of disgust they cause us, for reasons that are obvious and not worth explaining here.

What to do?

To prevent this from happening, one can choose to make use of an excellent aromatic plant: basil. It is a very fragrant plant, which as we know of uses a lot in cooking and is among the leading ingredients of our diet. But its use is not limited to cooking. In fact, we can also use it to chase away flies. On the other hand, its strong aroma, which is very pleasant and appealing to us, is almost unbearable for many insects.

That is why we can use it against flies. Simply place a seedling of it in front of the window and that’s it. If we have several windows, of course, we can place for several in front of each one.

Other alternatives

But we can also use basil in a different form. Just macerate some leaves together with vinegar. We wait six or seven days and then dilute the mix with water: at this point, all we have to do is get a sprayer and make good use of it in the rooms we want to keep free of insect aggression.

Having said, that, it only remains for us to wish everyone a happy summer!

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