How to get rid of houseflies Effectively, never think about them again

Flies are very unpleasant company. Technically, they can breed inside your home, but the chances are pretty high that they will come from outside. Most commonly, they make their way through open windows or doors, broken mosquito nets, and like to linger around piles of mulch (in which they breed) or rubbish cans stored near entry points.

Animal poop can also be a problem. These insects tend to breed on decomposing organic waste, such as faeces or meat. And when they find such a place, they keep coming back, depositing hundreds of eggs that turn into adults in just seven days’.

How to get rid of houseflies Effectively?

Rule number one is to keep doors and windows closed when possible, cover food, remove food debris and keep rubbish in tightly sealed lids.

Mix apple cider vinegar and dishwashing liquid. Combine equal parts of the two in a small bowl and add a pinch of sugar to the mixture. Ideally, the dishwashing liquid will have a fruity smell. The fermented smell of vinegar can attract flies. But soap is really what will kill them.

Try flypaper. You can easily hang it from the ceiling.

Make a trap in a bottle. Take an empty plastic bottle and cut off the top third. Put sugar water in the bottom third and then put the cut piece back on top, but turn it upside down so that the top of the bottle is facing the liquid. This way you create a kind of funnel. The flies will make their way into the bottle, but they  will not be able to get out.

How to Eliminate Flies From your house?

Since most flies make their way into your house from outside, remember to:

  • Move piles of mulch away from your house.
  • Keep your rubbish bins tightly closed.
  • Clean your pets’ droppings as well as food bowls.
  • Use aromatic plants on the balcony or in the garden. Some plants, such as basil, lavender and mint, can actually help repel flies and other pests.

Products against flies:

There are special products on the market, either specifically for flies or also suitable for other insects such as mosquitoes. For immediate action, you can use a long-acting, wide-range spray to get rid of flies without having to worry about them all the time.

For constant action in the rooms, you can also take a liquid insecticide with a dispenser: it lasts more than a month, then you just have to buy refills.

There are also traps without insecticide that you can hang in strategic spots to catch flying insects.


Very banally, mosquito nets also come in handy for flies; where they are lacking, you can at least install light curtains which, among other things, bring some coolness into the house. But don’t limit yourself to balconies and windows as a whole: check that there are no holes in the mosquito nets or cracks.

Control and prevention:

If you notice a high presence of flies, think outside and ask yourself whether there is any infestation nearby, then ask your local council for information.

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