How to get rid of Mosquitoes : Without Chemicals just simple Natural Products

Magnetic or electric mosquito nets are effective, but they are not enough. Here are some natural solutions to combine with electric bollards to create a safe and secure environment.

Mosquitoes are considered the nightmare of peaceful summer night. Magnetic or electric mosquito nets are effective, but to make sure the buzz and bites don’t ruin our days or nights, we can turn to natural remedies. The present article provides you with some green solutions to combine with electric bollards to create a safe and secure environment.

Coffee aroma

Mosquitoes do not like strong smells because it interferes with their nervous system and stuns them, so coffee, which has a pleasant scent for us, has a repellent effect for mosquitoes. To drive them away you can burn some coffee powder, while to make them disappear from the garden you can put coffee grounds inside pots.

Lemon and vinegar

Two other ingredients perfect for warding off mosquitoes are vinegar and lemon. Their intense aroma annoys mosquitoes, but if you combine them together you will be sure not to see them flying around the house again. Simply cut some lemon slices and douse them with vinegar. When the liquid is absorbed, all you have to do is place them in strategic spots, such as windowsills and doors. The same result can be achieved if you replace the two ingredients with chopped onion and cloves. A natural repellent that could keep mosquitoes away from your home.

Essential oils

Essential oils are a natural mosquito repellent, they are used to scent your home. Available in different scents those with lavender, lemon, Tea-Tree oil and lemongrass are particularly unwelcome. Just a few drops diluted in a diffuser or smeared on the skin like a cream and your apartment will be free of mosquitoes.

Anti-mosquito plants

Plants cannot only be used to color your home with flowers, but also they are a great remedy against mosquitoes. Mint and basil are perfect against insects and for flavoring your dishes, lavender with its aroma and bright colors will give an extra touch to the environment. If you have a small garden in your backyard, you may decide to grow garlic to use in cooking and to ward off insects.


Bats feed on mosquitoes, so if you are not afraid and want a hand in eliminating mosquitoes, you can set up a bat-box in the garden.


Do you love the soft light of candles? Then, to ward off mosquitoes just choose citronella or lavender ones, and in addition to recreating a romantic atmosphere, you will be free from mosquitoes.

DIY repellent

In addition to the house, you also need to protect yourself from mosquito attack. One green method is the DIY repellent. Simply boil mint and basil for twenty minutes inside a small pot with water. Once strained and allowed to cool in the refrigerator, you can spray it on your arms and legs and you will be protected from mosquitoes. All you have to do is try one of these methods and spend pleasant days outdoors without the risk of being stung!

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