How to Get Rid of Smelly Shoes Quickly

Shoes are our salvation, especially if we are talking about the comfortable ones with which we face a whole day between stress and walking. The only flaw they have is the absorption of sweat that then dampens them and makes them stink, but this is a problem we will solve together! The present article will tell you all the tricks you can follow to get rid of the stink in your shoes for good!

  • Baking soda

Baking soda has so many properties in it, and the best known is the odor-absorbing property. In fact, all you have to do is put baking soda in the areas where you feel bad odors and after a while you will not smell them anymore. This is precisely why you can use it in order to send away all the stench in your shoes, just spread 1 tablespoon of the product in each shoe and leave it outdoors overnight. The next day, it will have absorbed the moisture and the stench will be gone!

  • Corn-starch

A similar function to baking soda is also performed by corn-starch. In fact, not everyone knows that this ingredient used purely for baking is great for some household chores. If you want to use it against shoe stink you will have to spread 1 tablespoon of the product in each shoe and leave it overnight. The next day remove the starch residue and wipe with a well-wrung rag as the powder tends to stick to the soles.

  • Talcum powder

Among the absolute most beloved remedies to say goodbye to shoe stink is talcum powder! This product, which is also chosen to make home windows shine, is great both for removing bad odors and for long-lasting shoe scenting. Put some talcum powder inside each shoe and let it sit for several hours. I always recommend overnight since you are sure not to have to wear the shoes. Then do the same step as described above with the starch, being careful of dust that may stick.

  • Vinegar

What property does vinegar not have? The further you go, the more you understand so many functions that this ingredient can perform, and among them we can find sending the smell away from shoes. You will need to put some vinegar on a well-wrung cloth and rub it vigorously inside the shoe going not only on the sole, but also on the rest. Let it dry and you will see that afterwards the bad odors will have become only a distant memory!

  • Citrus peels

The last trick I suggest to solve the little problem of stink is citrus peels. Very often they are used in the home to perform several tasks, including counteracting not-so-pleasant odors. You will simply need to dry a handful of lemon or orange peels and then distribute them in your shoes. Leave them like this for several hours so that the peels can absorb all the stench, then go to remove them and that’s it!


Do not use the ingredients listed if you have an allergy or hypersensitivity.

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