How to get Socks super White: bleach is not the trick!

White socks are certainly highly desirable. However, just wear them once and they immediately lose their original color. But there are some fairly simple ways by which you can preserve their whiteness.

In essence, how is it possible to do this? The simplest method is to use baking soda. Once put in the washing machine, this substance will make sure to restore your white clothes to the shine they had before.

But to best preserve the whiteness of white socks, the best thing is to avoid it at all, the washing machine, and wash them by hand.

Using hands to wash socks

Simply soak the socks in a basin of very hot water and then add the juice of a lemon (filtered through a strainer). They are, thus, left to soak for a while and then rinsed without overdoing the water.

Precisely, you need:

  • one cup of lemon juice (250 ml)
  • one liter of warm water

In the washing machine with vinegar

Another way to keep track of the whiteness of our socks is through vinegar, which not surprisingly is often used instead of bleach when doing laundry. The use is elementary: you pour a cup of vinegar into the washing machine tub and then proceed normally with the usual washing program.

By hand with vinegar

But vinegar can also be used with hand laundry.

  • one cup of white vinegar (250 ml)
  • half a liter of cold water

You prepare a mixture of white vinegar and water and soak your socks in it for about 45 minutes. After this time has elapsed, simply add a little soap and scrub vigorously.

In the washing machine with baking soda

Finally, you can also resort to baking soda, which unleashes all its bleaching power at a temperature of 104 F°. Just add a scoop of this substance during the wash and you’re done.

Well, now you know how to do it if your problem is bleached socks turning gray.

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