How to get Stink out of washing machine, the most effective method to bring it back to new! 

With the passage of time, our white goods deteriorate. The kind of white good that does the most work in the house is definitely the washing machine.  But, thanks to limestone, the washing machine can stop doing its job well after it has been working for a while.  Limestone forms because of water. These incrustations can cause bad smells that are difficult to eliminate.

Besides this, detergent can cause a bad smell. Detergent can hide underneath the drum or in the drainpipes. We might also find dust and lint from clothes.

Bad smells and limestone incrustations in the washing machine: the most effective method to bring it back to new!

Is it possible to solve this problem? What is the best product to use?

Generally, to eliminate all the troublesome problems listed above, one should use baking soda, bleach, or vinegar.

But if we want to avail ourselves of a natural product that is absolutely not harmful, we can use a good lemon.

Let me explain myself better: you need to use the citric acid contained in a lemon. This product is perfect to clean the drum and the drainpipes. It is possible to get your hands on this solution in herbal shops, pharmacies, supermarkets, and also in shops that sell ecological products.

How should I use a solution of citric acid?

Citric acid can be transformed into a fabulous detergent for our needs.

If the water in the washing machine is full of limestone, we need to dissolve 150 grams of citric acid into a liter of water. Then we pour the result into the detergent compartment. Next, we need to run the washing machine at a temperature of 60 degrees Celsius. I recommend doing an empty load.

If on the other hand, the water seems normal, we should simply dissolve 100 grams of citric acid into a liter of water. Then we should run the washing machine in the way described in the last paragraph.

Once the washing machine has finished its job, the limestone will have vanished.

Now we will be able to use it without any worries. The result will amaze you!

Enjoy your work.

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