How to get Wrinkles out without an Iron: few steps to follow!

How would you like to be able to say goodbye to your iron? What if we told you that you can do it with a very simple trick?

Well, read on and you will learn more.

Who likes ironing?

No one. In fact, it is no coincidence that almost everyone hates this tool. Anyone who has ironed at least once knows how tedious, difficult (depending on the garments) and even tiring it can be. Yes, because it is a chore that forces us to stand for a long time and especially if we are no longer little girls, it then takes its toll on both legs and back.

Then add the fact that when the heat starts, the steam is almost unbearable and we have a complete picture of the situation. Now, it is clear that some garments have to be ironed, but with other garments we can get by without an iron. Let’s see how.

Yes, because we can take a number of small-big steps that can prove very useful in this regard.

Goodbye iron!

The first thing is to choose the right wash. This, in fact, will allow us not to wrinkle our garments excessively: too long and violent spinning is best avoided, therefore. Centrifugation, in fact, wrings out the garments and wrinkles them even more.

And when this happens, the clothes are even more difficult to iron. One should therefore avoid using the washing machine at full load and with too many revolutions. When the washing is finished, then, one should empty the drum immediately and dry the clothes as soon as possible. The latter, finally, should be laid out flat once the washing is finished.

Equally important is to shake the clothes well before hanging them out; after that they should be hung on the clotheslines with clothespins placed in places where they will not leave marks. Clothespins are usually put in the places where there are the strongest seams, for obvious reasons. This is not a minor detail, in fact clothespins can be really harmful in some cases!

If you have the option of not using clothespins, choose hangers instead: doing so will certainly give a better result.

But do you find yourself in the need to necessarily iron your garments? Well, there is a great way to speed it up.

Before you start ironing, you will need to cover the ironing board with tin foil; after that, put the board cover over it. The tin foil will allow you to generate not inconsiderable heat, which will allow you to automatically iron the underside of the garments as well. In this way, you will only need to iron for half the usual time!

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