How To Get Your Kitchen Towels To Look Bright and New Again ?

Cleaning tea towels is never complicated, but with this method you’ll take even less time: they’ll be back as they were just bought.

There are so many everyday items that we use in the home every day. So many indispensable to perform the most mundane actions, others less necessary but equally useful at the same time. All, which of course will need proper hygiene and cleanliness.

In recent years, given the historical period we are living, we have learned on our skin what exactly it means to sanitize not only our home, but also everything from outside that will be brought into our homes. An indispensable task, never more so than now, and one that allows us to be able to fight against a virus that does not seem to want to stop in any way. For the same reason, even in the home we should always pay the utmost attention and take care to always clean everything thoroughly and meticulously.

With this method, cleaning tea towels will be really easy: it will take very little

The more rooms in the house are lived in, the more important it will be to clean them thoroughly. Among the many, surely the kitchen is among those in which you spend a good part of your time, which is why every single thing we are going to touch should be well cleaned. Today we will reveal an amazing trick to clean tea towels without any kind of effort.

One of the many items that are never lacking in the kitchen is definitely the tea towel. Strictly made of cotton, it will allow us to perform many small tasks in the kitchen. Drying dishes, drying our hands, using them to open and close cabinet doors, in short, its uses are really many.

Of course, the more we use them, even with dirty hands, the more we risk contaminating them. This is precisely why it will be so important to sanitize it very frequently and replace them at least a couple of times a week.

Precisely for this reason today, we want to show you a really very effective trick that will allow you to get super clean and perfectly sterilized tea towels without any kind of effort.

All you will need is:

  • Water
  • Natural soap powder
  • 3 Oz vinegar

The process is really very simple. You will need to fill a saucepan with water, soak the dishcloths to be washed and add 3 tablespoons of powdered natural soap, or at most grate the usual one, and finally add the 3 oz of vinegar.

Give it a quick stir, turn on the gas and bring to a boil.

Now turn off the flame and let everything soak for at least 30 minutes.

Once the time has passed, run them under fresh running water and after squeezing them, put them to dry.

You will see that they will be perfectly clean.

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