How to Grow an Olive Tree From a Seed?

For olive lovers, today we want to show you how to germinate olives. If you want to start an olive tree from scratch, follow each of the steps we will explain today.

Olive seedling, the amazing farmer’s trick to grow it from the pits!

To sprout an olive you need a seed, which is located inside the bone. It is important to note that olives suitable for consumption cannot sprout. This is because during the curing process its reproductive power is neutralized. The seed must be a fruit taken directly from the tree, preferably at its most mature stage or even better if you buy seeds from a specialized company. Once the seeds have been obtained, the following steps must be followed:

Step 1

To obtain the seed, the pulp of the olive should be removed and washed with a straw hat. Several seeds should be used because after removing the pulp, the bones are placed in a glass of water for 24 hours. In this way you can discard the seeds that are not needed, would be those that float.

Once the bones have been selected, they are broken with the help of pliers. This procedure must be done very carefully so as not to break the seed. To do this, pressure must be applied along the entire length and width of the bone until the seed is released.

Step 2

We continue the process by germinating the seeds. For this we have two options, the first is to purchase a germination kit. The second option is to make a homemade germinator, you just need an airtight container (can be a glass jar), cotton and water. First, we put cotton in the container until it is more than half full, then the seeds are added.

We continue and add water, very little should be put in just to moisten the cotton. To prevent fungal growth, we can add a fungicide to the germinator. Finally, we close the container and place it in a cool place where it receives some sunlight, it can be near a window.

Step 3

Seed germination can take from four to six weeks. It is important to keep the germinator moist for vegetative activity. Growth begins through the radicle, which is the organ that develops the embryo. Once the rootlet and some leaves are born, it is planted in a pot with coarse sand and compost to continue its development.

Olive trees are slow-growing plants that usually gain between 5 and 10 inches in height per year. Indoor olive trees grow even more slowly than those planted in the ground and usually require only repotting into a larger container every few years.

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