How to Grow and Care for Peace Lilies

Start watering the peace lily like this and you will see that the plant changes quickly. Find out what you need and try it now.

Peace lily is a very luxurious plant with its unique leaves and flowers. This plant is not only very beautiful, but also does not require special care, despite the cleaning of the home environment. Below we see what it needs to be watered with to ensure that the flowers and leaves are perfect.

Let’s start with the fact that the peace lily belongs to the family Araceae and its technical name is Spathiphylum. It is a plant that belongs to the group of evergreen plants and originates from the tropical areas of the Americas. One of the characteristics of the peace lily is that it has no stems, but the leaves sprout directly from the rhizome. What we call a flower in the Peace Lily is called a spathe and is a bract or mutated leaf to protect and enclose the flower. As we have already said, the cultivation of this plant is not so difficult, and now we will see what precautions to take and what is the secret to keep it always lush.

Always blooming peace lily: here’s what you need to use

The advice we will give to have an always lush peace lily can also be used for other plants and especially for those that after the first flowering just bought, the plant does not bloom. The problems why plants do not bloom are many, but sometimes the lack of nutrients is crucial. That’s why we’re going to look at how you can make a liquid fertilizer for your plants at home in just a few steps. Just get a fresh aloe vera leaf. What you need to do is really simple, take a blender and mix the aloe leaf with 2 or 3 quarts of water. After a few minutes the mixture is ready.

However, before you proceed and pour it into the plants, you need to filter the mixture to remove some thorny residues. After filtering, you can water your plants with this solution, and you will see that you will notice the results immediately. You can use this liquid aloe fertilizer about every 15 days. If you don’t want to use your blender because it might be new, you can also open the leaf and take out the gel to mix it directly with water. In this way, you will avoid putting the leaf in the blender and you will also avoid filtering the mixture obtained.

Tips for a flowering peace lily

We have just seen how to make a liquid fertilizer in a few steps and, as we said, can also be used for the peace lily. However, to ensure that this plant is lush and healthy, you need to take other small precautions, which we will now look at:

  • Temperature:

The ideal temperature is between 65 and 77 °F and in this range the plant always blooms. However, beware of low temperatures, as it does not tolerate cold and temperatures below 60°F. On the contrary, it tolerates more heat, but maximum up to 86 °F.

  • Light:

This plant loves light, but make sure that the rays are not direct.

  • Soil:

The ideal for this plant is a mixture of peat with flakes of bark and sand. The substrate must be slightly acidic.

  • Location:

Be careful not to place this plant in drafts or in stuffy environments.

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