How to Grow Basil at Home, Step up your home-garden game!

When we prepare our dishes, it would be best to always have fresh basil on hand. Only then do its leaves give their best, releasing in our recipes all the aromas and flavor they contain.

Of course, this is almost impossible to have, throughout the year, this plant at its peak. It is almost a utopia unless one is satisfied with the seedlings bought at the supermarket.

To enjoy it for a long time, one should take advantage of a well sheltered and at the same time sunny balcony, but beware! It is also possible to implement an extremely simple and inexpensive stratagem that only few have thought of!

Growing basil indoors?

Fall is coming and you don’t know how to give the best care to this wonderful aromatic seedling? Here is a very simple method that will help it last longer! Which one? A mini greenhouse is just what you need! You don’t need to spend big bucks to make it.


If you pause to think for a moment, the basil seedlings you find in the supermarket almost year-round come right from a greenhouse.

So, why not creating one in miniature since it is cheap and easy to make?

To make it, as you can see from the pictures in this article, you need a two-liter plastic bottle if your plant is small, or a large canister in case your plant is in its prime.

Simply cut off the bottom of the bottle!

The best soil for growing basil should be rich in organic matter. A good fertilizer is one you can make at home from fruit and vegetable scraps.

The soil should be watered often in summer, but without water stagnation, and should never be dry in colder periods.

Remember to spray the leaves at least every 10 days with a sprayer.

If you use artificial light, place the plant 11 centimeters away; also, the exposure should be at least 12 hours.

The temperature should never fall below 19 degrees.

For use and then harvesting, we recommend that you choose the largest leaves, so the plant will always be lusher and more robust.


It is also possible to take advantage of this mini greenhouse for the birth of new seedlings, both those obtained from cuttings and those obtained from seeds. Once the soil is moistened, and either the plant or the seeds are inserted, the hood that will form with the bottle cover will allow the crop to maintain the right heat and humidity.

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