How to Grow Seeds on Cotton Balls : magical result!

You want healthy and lush plants, try cotton balls!

How many doubts clutter the mind of woman grappling with a new floral purchase to brighten her living space, and they sound something like this:

  • how often should I water?
  • what fertilizer do I use?
  • how do I avoid the harassing presence of weeds?
  • what if I then need to repot it? how should I proceed?

For this whole series of questions, the answer is one: you’ll only need a few cotton staples!

On closer inspection, cotton is nothing more than a natural sponge. It retains liquids by releasing them slowly for hours on end, but it degrades quickly, in about four weeks, turning into compost.

Starting from this observation, you will, then, simply surround the pot with a series of wads closely spaced together. Water them and let the magic happen: the plant will receive the right nutrition, getting the perfect percentage of moisture, at the same time the presence of the cotton will prevent weeds from proliferating.

Remember, however, to place it away from the trunk, on the outermost circumference of the container, to prevent the roots from rotting due to excess water.

In the short time, you will notice a gradual degradation of the wads that will fertilize the soil, releasing phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium, the princely nutrient for your seedling. It will make it lush and thriving.

Also use it at the time of transplanting. Make a layer of soil, a layer of cotton balls on the sides and more soil. Then grab the plant by the roots and take it out of the old pot. Place it in the new one and add more soil if needed. The cotton will retain moisture making the shrub able to manage itself, without trauma.

Brilliant, isn’t it?

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