How to Keep Black Clothes from Fading: the Trick not everyone knows!

Washing black garments in the washing machine can turn out to be quite an unpleasant and even complicated affair at times. The problem is that after a certain number of washes, dark or black clothes tend to fade and lose their color. The present article provides you with a set of tips to solve this problem.

Indeed, in the following lines we offer you some small tricks by adopting them you can save the blackness of your most stylish clothing.

On the other hand, in case the damage has been done by now, you should know that it is possible to restore the old intensity of color to our black cloths simply by using very ordinary tea.

All you have to do is pour a couple of cups of tea into a wash cycle: that way the color will be as good as new. But let’s finally see what are these small tricks with which we can save the color of our black and dark clothes.

So, here are the three secrets to keeping the black color intact on our garments. A preliminary tip: remember that black garments should never be dried in direct sunlight.

With vinegar

Vinegar, we know, can be used in so many ways even away from the kitchen. Moreover, we can use white wine vinegar for laundry as well, specifically in the rinsing stage. To make the best use of it, we simply need to equip ourselves with a basin of water and soak our black clothes in it, after which we add two cups of white vinegar.

We let the solution act, and then all we have to do is rinse with plenty of water, for about twenty minutes. This way, the vinegar will remove the stains and detergent residue and fix the color on the clothes.

Salt water

In this case, salt water should be used before washing. It is necessary to soak our black garments for about thirty minutes in a basin into which we will have poured a couple of liters of water and half a cup of salt. This treatment should make it easier for the pigments to adhere to the fabrics. Then all we have to do is wash them in the usual way.

Turn the clothes inside out

What we have to do is very simple: we take a soap or detergent indicated for black clothes. After that, before we stick them in the washing machine, we turn them inside out, so that the color is not lost and therefore the garment does not fade.

Well, now you have some more knowledge about how it is appropriate to treat your dark, black garments so that they do not lose color.

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