How to light a Fire: time and money saving method

Did you know that you can use a ingenious trick to light a barbecue quickly or to fuel a fireplace fire? We are talking about using corks through a very ingenious and useful technique.

Lighting a fire: what stress!

Sometimes, especially for an inexperienced person, lighting a fire can be particularly stressful and complicated. Let’s imagine, for example, that we are in the company of friends and want to put up a fantastic embers: how tedious and annoying can it be to take even a good hour to fuel it?

Well, with the trick we are going to reveal, all your problems will be solved immediately. Of course, the trick can be used not only when preparing a barbecue, but also if we are going to light a fireplace. After all, it is something unique, relaxing in a mountain house in front of a warm fireplace.

The ploy involves the use of corks and a jar. This can then be taken along if we go hiking or perhaps go camping with friends. On certain occasions, fire turns out to be the main element!

The method we are going to reveal to you is a technique devised precisely by people who are used to camping. But let’s go into detail.

Corks in jars

In the technical jargon, we are talking about a “starter,” that is, a crucial tool for speeding up the operations of lighting our fire. There are many starters on the market that can often be harmful to the environment and to our health: some emit a very strong smell of gasoline!

In this case, we are talking about something quite different. This fire starter can be made in a short time and can fuel our embers. How to prepare it? We need several corks, perhaps those from already used wine bottles; denatured alcohol; and a glass jar that will ensure an airtight seal.

We will need to put the denatured alcohol directly into the glass jar and then place the corks in it as well. At this point, we will have to seal the cork tightly, and whenever we need to, we can pull out a soaked cork, light it and place it under the charcoal or wood. In short, just as we would do with a classic starter.

You will notice that the fire will “catch” very quickly and it will take only a few minutes to light your coals! Once everything is lit you can enjoy your fireplace or barbecue as you see fit. Try it and realize how useful this method is!

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