How to make bathrooms smell good, 4 tricks to make your bathroom smell pleasant

Do you have a small windowless bathroom and you don’t know how to get rid of bad smells and always leave a good scent without overdoing it with the usual supermarket sprays full of harmful chemicals? Here’s the solution! Three super-easy tricks to prepare and make at home that will make you forget the bad smell!

Do you also have a windowless bathroom? Often this seems not to be a big problem if we have a fan for ventilation and wash often, however sometimes bad odours and moisture stagnate. So here are four home tricks to say goodbye to bad odours and to freshen and scent the bathroom at no cost.

With baking soda:

If we want to take advantage of the deodorizing and odour-absorbing action of baking soda, let’s take a small glass jar and pour a few tablespoons into it. Now we add a few drops of essential oil and stir. At this point, we insert a candle and place on a shelf in the bathroom and then light it. Here is an inexpensive and effective room scent that can be prepared at home in minutes!

With rock salt:

Rock salt is perfect for absorbing toilet odours and soaking up moisture. Let’s pour some into the toilet and let it sit overnight. The next day we flush, and the odours will also disappear.

Room scent spray:

To prepare a room scent spray we mix baking soda, water and drops of lavender essential oil.  At this point, we can use this spray to scent the bathroom immediately after using it so as to be sure to neutralize odours and leave a sweet scent.

Natural scented lozenges:

To prepare natural scented lozenges, we mix three tablespoons of baking soda, two tablespoons of water and 20 drops of lavender essential oil in a small bowl. We mix by adding a little water at a time otherwise it will react with the baking soda. We then take a silicone mold and pour the created paste into it. Let them air dry overnight, and the next day they will be ready. Let’s put them in a container and place in the bathroom that we prefer to scent. When we feel the smell is fading, we add more drops directly onto the pads.

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