How To Make Glasswares Sparkle

With this revolutionary method you can finally get shiny glasses that are never dull again: they will come back as if they were just bought.

One of the most tedious household chores of all is undoubtedly the one we have to do every time we finish lunch or dinner. Washing dishes, undoubtedly falls among those tasks that are not really done lightly. And the larger the family, the more time is lost.

Task that fortunately is made easy for us, by the presence in the house of the dishwasher. A truly ingenious household appliance, which has allowed us to cut our time in half and be able to devote ourselves to something else while she takes care of cleaning dishes, glasses, pots and cutlery. Of course, in order for her to always do her job properly, it will be very important to keep her in perfect condition and perform periodic cleaning of every part of her, just like we showed you in our previous article.

This will be the perfect method to get shiny and halo-free glasses

Thanks to the dishwasher, our dishes will be perfectly clean without any effort. All we have to do is load it, and after we put the right products and set the specific program, she will take care of the rest while we can devote ourselves to something else. Everything so perfect, except for a small inconvenience, which many times occurs even when we wash everything by hand, namely the presence of that white patina on the surface of the glasses that makes them dull and lacking in shine.

The reason why this happens is simply one, the presence of limescale, which will tend to dull our glasses. If we do not act promptly, the damage will be irreparable, and we will only be forced to replace our glasses.

That’s why today, we want to reveal to you a truly ingenious method that will allow you to achieve unprecedented results.

It is called the three-basin method, and we will now show you how to do it:

  • Take a first basin and fill it with boiling water and dissolve inside it 2 tablespoons of organic soap;
  • Take a second basin and fill it with lukewarm water and add two cups of white vinegar;
  • Finally prepare a third one, in which you are going to put only lukewarm water;
  • Now take your glasses and dip them into the first basin and, helping yourself with a soft sponge, start rubbing them gently;
  • Now dip them into the second basin and with a clean sponge go over each side of the glasses;
  • Finally move on to the third and last basin, which will be used to rinse our glasses;
  • Soak them for a few minutes and once well cleaned, dry them with a cotton or microfiber cloth.

Using this simple method, your glasses will come back perfect, just as if they had just been bought.

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