Even after the scorching heat of August, returning to work or routine is hard to bear due to fatigue, stress and sweat. One of the most pleasant feelings when we are in the heat of this September is a slight breeze of coolness, especially in the evening! In addition to this, it is also nice to smell a nice scent that reminds us a bit of the colors of summer! That’s exactly why today we will see together how to make the house smell fresh with the following DIY remedies!

  • Citrus

Who doesn’t love to smell the fresh and intoxicating scent of citrus fruits in summer? And we can continue to benefit from this incredible scent even in September! Sprinkling the smell of them around the house is one of the best and most satisfying choices because it allows you to make the heavy to muggy air typical of these months “lighter.” If you want to use this remedy, all you have to do is cut some citrus slices and infuse them in a saucepan with hot water while also pressing out some of the juice. After that strain the mixture, let it cool and transfer to a spray container. Finally, spray in all affected areas of the house.

  • Laurel

In addition to citrus fruits, bay leaves are also great for spreading fresh scent around the house! There are many ways you can use it, let’s give some examples:

  • In the bathroom: attach a laurel sprig or wreath to the shower head making sure the water does not fall on the leaves. The water vapor will exhale all the scent, which will spread throughout the bathroom.
  • Infusion: similar to what has been described for citrus, you can boil a few bay leaves in water and vaporize the solution in your favorite areas of the house. Add slices of Lemon if you like.
  • Decorations: in addition to the wreath, there are many beautiful decorations you can make with laurel. This way you will not only scent the house, but also beautify the environment!

Essential oils

You have surely tried this trick many times! Essential oils are the easiest and most accessible remedy when you want to scent something, partly because there are so many different kinds. If you own any, you can create a quick and easy scent enhancer by dissolving by combining 1 teaspoon of fresh-smelling oil such as eucalyptus or lavender in water and spraying in the areas you prefer.

  • Mint

When we think of fresh scents we undoubtedly think of mint! In fact, the plant in question has multiple functionalities in summer that make it perfect for our environment. For one thing, mint is an excellent repellent for certain insects such as flies, as well as being fragrant and delicate. So, you can simply place a mint seedling on your windowsill or make an infusion with a few leaves and enjoy the beautiful scent!

  • Rosemary

Similarly to mint, rosemary is also wonderful all year round given its freshness! A rosemary plant is loved both because it makes dishes uniquely good, but also because it smells so good. For this remedy, too, you can proceed with an infusion to be steamed, or scented pouches with rosemary leaves. In short, there are many ways to smell this beautiful odor in the home!

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