Having scented garments to flaunt when we go out is really a wonderful feeling, as it conveys the idea of cleanliness and freshness. It only takes a little while, however, and the smell of washing seems to fade away. Not to mention, then, when in summer, sweat tends to soak into the cloths and even make them smell. How, then, to intensify the smell of laundry? All you need to do is try perfume for clothes, which is quick and easy to make! Let’s see together how to make it!

  • With baking soda

Making DIY perfume for clothes is really a breeze, as all you will need is:

  • 12 fluid ounces of natural water
  • 5 ounce of baking soda
  • 20 drops of lavender essential oil
  • 20 drops of tea tree essential oil

Then, in a bowl, start by pouring the water and baking soda and stir until the ingredients are well mixed. After that, decant the mixture into a spray bottle and add the drops of lavender and tea tree essential oil. Of course, you can also use other essential oil fragrances, choosing the ones you like best, however, we recommend lavender or tea tree essential oil, as they will not only scent your garments but also exert an anti-bacterial action. Equally advisable, however, are rose, lemon or mint essential oils. Finally, shake the bottle well and spray the mixture on freshly washed or even worn garments and voila: what a scent! You’ll be happy to know, too, that this anti-odor spray can also be used to freshen up clothes that smell like smoke!

  • With vinegar

Not only baking soda, however, can neutralize odors and be, therefore, the basis for a perfume for clothes and fabrics, as vinegar also performs this function! In fact, not surprisingly, it is often used to remove the smell of dampness from laundry! To make this perfume, you will need:

  • 2 cups of distilled water
  • 5 fluid ounce of wine vinegar
  • 4 tablespoons of vodka
  • 1 tablespoon of baking soda
  • 20 drops of your favorite essential oil.

In a spray bottle, pour, then, the distilled water and add, then, the wine vinegar and vodka. At this point, stir the mixture and also add the baking soda and the drops of essential oil of your choice. Again, we recommend relaxing or citrusy fragrances such as lemon, orange, lavender, etc. Finally, all you have to do is spray the resulting mixture on your garment and you’re done!

  • With citric acid

Finally, let’s see how to make garment perfume using a more environmentally friendly alternative to vinegar: citric acid, also known for being able to act as a natural fabric softener! So, pour 4 ounces of powdered citric acid into a 1 quart of distilled water and then add 15 drops of citrus essential oil for a stronger scent. At this point, decant the resulting mixture into a vaporizer or spray bottle, and your clothes perfume is ready for use! All you have to do is spray it on your T-shirt, jacket or tank top and it will smell like it just came out of the washing machine! The citric acid will also help stabilize the scent of your chosen essential oil, making it last longer!

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