How to nourish Plants and Flowers in Pots

The current article will show you a simple but effective way to nourish the plants and flowers in your apartment.

With this natural method, your plants and flowers will grow lushly. At the same time, you will get rid of the annoying gnats that hang around the plants.

What is the natural ingredient to use?

The useful trick to keep gnats away from plants is to use granulated garlic or garlic powder. Garlic in fact contains vitamins and minerals. For example, it contains iron, zinc and potassium that negatively affect pathogenic microflora and pests.

To get the desired result you need to follow the instructions below once every 3 or 4 weeks.

First method to use: insert garlic into the soil.

To get rid of the gnats, it will be enough to take a tablespoon of garlic powder into a medium-sized pot. After that we will need to distribute and mix it into the soil surface evenly.

If you want, you can also add on your garlic layer a little soil. This way we will integrate it perfectly and easily into the soil.

Second method to use: pour the garlic into the water.

Another way to use garlic is to water the plants. Carrying out this operation is very simple. We simply need to pour into a container a liter of water that has been previously heated. The temperature of the water should not exceed 140 F°. At this point, we need to pour 1 teaspoon of garlic powder into the water.

Next, we let the liquid cool and afterwards filter it properly. With the mixture we made, we can safely water the root of flowers and plants.

This natural method is suitable for flowers such as violets, geraniums and orchids. However, it can also be used for all other kinds of flowers.

Try these simple tips-you’ll see that you won’t regret it

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