The avocado is a tropical fruit that is now present on all tables! It falls into the category of fruits even though it has different characteristics than the fruit we are usually used to consume. In fact, the avocado has a much lower percentage of water than a traditional fruit, containing more amounts of healthy fats and vitamin E and, on the other hand, much less sugar. For these reasons it is usually recommended in low-calorie diets or food plans for a healthy, balanced diet. Avocados are great for breakfast, satiating and avoiding glycemic spikes during the morning.

Avocados are used in so many recipes, more than just as a fruit at the end of a meal or snack, ranging from salads, to pasta dishes, to sauces to accompany dishes or to garnish bread croutons of all kinds, the most famous being guacamole sauce!

Opening an avocado is really simple even if the first few times they might be complicated: in fact, just get the hang of it and you will see that in just a few moves you can cut the avocado and make it immediately ready to use in so many recipes with avocados. For each recipe you may need a ripe avocado or an avocado that is a bit more unripe: if you will need to slice it to season dishes, it is a good idea to use a less ripe one. For recipes in which the avocado is to be mashed or blended, such as sauces and guacamole, we recommend using a ripe avocado.

To open an avocado you just need a bladed knife that can help in removing the inner pit, after which you peel like any other fruit although the pulp is easy to remove without peeling the avocado.

Now you just have to see how to open an avocado step by step.


Using a cutting board and a sharp knife, cut the avocado along the entire vertical perimeter.

Rotate the avocado along the cut you made so that the two halves open.

In one of the two halves you will find the kernel. If only half of the avocado is needed, it is good to use the one without the pit so that it avoids spoiling. In that case, it is always good to brush the avocado to be preserved with lime juice so that it does not oxidize.

How to remove the avocado pit :

With the bottom of the knife, poke the pit and give it a gentle twist. It will come out in a few moments.

How to remove the flesh of the avocado :

At this point, you can decide whether to peel the avocado, using a knife, or dig out the pulp with the use of a spoon or teaspoon or by contouring the inside of an avocado with the tip of a knife.

What to use avocado pulp for :

Avocado pulp can be cut into slices or cubes, in case it is needed to season pasta dishes, salads or to lay on toast. In this case, it is good to use an avocado that is not very ripe and soft.

Alternatively, the pulp can be mashed with a fork or in a blender to make it creamy and perfect for sauces or guacamole. In that case, it is best to use a ripe avocado.

Similarly, avocado pulp can be blended in a blender so it can be used in desserts, such as in vegan chocolate brownies.

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