How to Plant, Grow and Care for Cyclamen

Cyclamen is a popular plant in gardening especially during the winter period, as many of their species bloom during the colder months. It is not a particularly demanding plant when it comes to care, but with proper care it can bloom for up to 4 months. Today we offer a simple guide on cyclamen care.

Cyclamen, if you do this it will last you all winter

Follow these tips on how to care for cyclamen and you’ll see how this plant grows healthy, strong and with abundant bloom.

Temperature and light

Since the cyclamen is a plant, as we have already mentioned, of cool or cold climates and environments, its worst enemy is usually too much sun and heat. If you plant your cyclamen in the garden, do so in an area that receives no direct sunlight but has good lighting. If, on the other hand, you have it in an indoor pot, place it in a room with plenty of natural light, but always where the sun’s rays do not fall directly on it. If possible, find a space or room where the temperature is as cool as possible, away from heat sources, because if the temperature exceeds 16 degrees, the cyclamen is very likely to lose its flowers. The plant can also be placed in a well-ventilated place.


Watering the cyclamen requires some basic guidelines so as not to damage the plant. Watering it from above is highly discouraged, as the flowers and leaves could be attacked by fungi due to moisture. Likewise, being a bulb, it is not convenient for the bulb itself to come in contact with water. Therefore, capillary or immersion irrigation is recommended for cyclamen. This method consists of placing the base of the pot on a plate or container with water for about fifteen minutes, letting the plant absorb the water it needs and then placing it back on another plate. This should be repeated when we notice that the soil is dry again, which can be roughly every week, although it varies greatly depending on the conditions in the area. A final tip when it comes to watering is to always do so with water that is not too cold. Doing so prevents heat shock to the plant that will cause it to lose its flowers sooner.

Fertilizer and pruning

You can help your cyclamen with liquid compost but do so only when the plant is just beginning to develop flower buds. Finally, always prune any flowers or stems that start to wilt or fall off.

Flowers falling off cyclamen, how to remedy!

If you see flowers falling off your cyclamen, don’t be alarmed: as long as they are dried flowers or stems, it may be normal; you can cut them off. However, if there are many or whole areas of the plant affected, it is very likely that your cyclamen is not receiving proper care in any of the above areas. The most common is overwatering, which causes sections of the plant to get too wet and rot.

Last but not least, it should also be mentioned that the tuber or bulb of the cyclamen is poisonous to humans and most pets. There is nothing wrong with being in contact with the plant, but if we have small children or pets, it can be dangerous. So, it is important to prevent them from eating or putting any of its parts, especially the tuber or bulb mentioned above, in their mouths.

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