How To Prepare a Natural Fertilizer for Plants?

Plants need regular and careful care. Even with a green thumb, it is not always easy to accelerate their growth. To provide them with the nutrients they need, there is no need to use expensive and chemical products every day. A natural fertilizer that you usually prepare in the kitchen can be sufficient. Many factors contribute to the healthy and sustainable development of plants. After all, if they are not properly exposed and watered, they have no chance to grow harmoniously. Fortunately, there is a natural and economical fertilizer that is able to nourish the soil generously, providing it with the right nutrients for its growth.

How to promote plant growth naturally?

If you are one of those who like to try green gardening tips, you will quickly adopt this watering technique. Very beneficial for accelerating the growth of plants in pots or sown in the garden, it is based on a single liquid fertilizer with several advantages.

Noodle boiling water, a natural fertilizer for your plants

After each pasta cooking, the cooking water is often poured into the kitchen sink. However, this liquid can be very useful for your plants.  It contains a good dose of starch, phosphorus, potassium, nitrogen and many minerals found in most fertilizers available on the market. For your plants to enjoy the many benefits, simply cook pasta and use the cooking water to water. and twice a week. This natural fertilizer thus nourishes the roots of the plants, strengthens them and makes them healthier and more resistant to diseases. It thus provides all the conditions for healthy and sustainable growth. Do not forget to let the liquid cool before pouring the mixture at the base of your plant. The water used to cook vegetables, rice or eggs is equally rich in essential nutrients for sustainable plant growth.

The other benefits of pasta cooking water for plants

As you must have understood, pasta cooking water helps your plants grow faster and keep them healthy. It can also solve other garden problems.

Pasta cooking water, a natural pesticide for your plants

Pasta- cooking water not only contributes to healthy plant growth, but can also be used as a natural and environmentally friendly pesticide. However, it must be fermented to produce an unpleasant alcohol-like aroma that can repel pests and insects.  To prepare the fermented paste water, simply fill a jar with this liquid and pour in the following two ingredients:

  • 1 teaspoon of sugar
  • 4 tablespoons of milk

Then cover the jar and let it sit for up to 4 days. Once the solution is ready, put it in a watering can and use the solution to moisten the soil of your plant.

Cooking water, a natural weed killer for your plants

It is also possible to use pasta cooking water as a natural weed killer. Use it while it’s still hot to moisten and weed out unwanted plants that are growing on your walkways and spoiling the landscape. However, avoid using this trick on the soil of your outdoor or potted plants, as it can cause irreversible damage. Although the water used to boil vegetables, potatoes, rice or pasta is more effective at eliminating weeds, some people prefer pure boiling water to avoid the formation of a residual starch layer on the surface.

Some tips to accelerate the growth of houseplants

To promote the growth of plants, it is important to consider the three elements that keep them alive: Light, water and soil. The location of your plant as well as its exposure should be your first concern. A plant needs space to grow, whether indoors or outdoors. It also needs light for optimal growth. Therefore, it is important to check that the location is not too sunny or too dark. The nutrients that make up the soil should also be given a lot of importance. If necessary, repot your plant in soil that provides better growing conditions. The water factor must also be considered: Too little or too much water can cause damage and slow down the proper development of your plant. Therefore, do not hesitate to regularly check the moisture of the soil before each watering and give preference to natural fertilizers such as cooking water, coffee grounds or banana peels.

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