How To Preserve Flowers with Hairspray

A vase full of fresh flowers is so beautiful that you wish it would last forever. Forever is not possible, but with the help of an item you probably already have on hand-hairspray-you can help bouquets and fresh flowers stay fresh longer. Prolong the life of flower arrangements by using hairspray. Let’s see how to do it!

Hairspray protects flowers, foliage and plants in several ways. The stems and branches of a main plant are unable to produce moisture. Covering leaves and flowers with lacquer retains moisture so that plants retain their color and texture longer. For dry flowers, lacquer helps keep the stems stronger. The leaves and stems of dried flowers are delicate; they tend to peel off and crumble. Lacquer acts as a light glue, keeping them bound.

Fresh flowers and foliage

On fresh flowers, a light spray on the underside of the petals and leaves is enough. This helps the plant retain its moisture and freshness longer. Spray the lacquer on the foliage, stems and petals to prevent them from sticking to the vase. Use this method to prolong the life of stems arranged in a vase, to prevent a fresh floral decoration from wilting, or to maintain the freshness of a wreath.

Dried flowers and foliage

Dried foliage and flowers compared to fresh ones keep longer. So, a light coat of lacquer will help them last even longer. Dry plant material or buy it already dried, make sure it is completely dried before spraying the lacquer. When spraying, do so at least 6 inches away to avoid damaging leaves and flowers. Spray the leaves and petals with a light coat of lacquer. Repeat several times, allowing the material to dry completely between sprays.


The lacquer helps preserve leaves and petals that are already dry; it does not dry out the plants. If you plan to use dried plant material yourself, dry it in the most appropriate way before using hairspray. Some leafy plants, such as ferns, palms and magnolias, dry best when hung upside down. Air drying also works well for dense flowering plants, such as roses. Once dried, store your flowers in a low-humidity environment away from bright light. This will prevent decay and discoloration and keep them in good condition for several months.

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