How to Preserve Summer’s Herbs: easy and effective Methods

Preserve basil and other summer herbs without drying them out!

The aromas that the beautiful season generously offers us are so appealing that it doesn’t seem true that we can preserve them for a long time.

Below we explain how to do it. After all, it is not difficult. The present article provides you with a set of steps to follow to store basil and other summer herbs.

A really very simple and very easy stratagem to implement involves the use of tools and ingredients that we find quite commonly in our homes.

Let’s consider it more closely.

We only need two “ingredients”:

fresh herbs to taste and extra virgin olive oil.

The preparation :

First wash the herbs and herbs well: remove any seeds, dried and yellowed parts, and soil. Everything is rinsed under the tap and then dried with a clean dishcloth or paper towels.

The greens should be chopped by hand, not with a knife-the steel blade can in fact cause oxidation. Then we equip ourselves with ice molds and arrange the chopped spices in them. If possible, it is well to fill them to the rim. After that, oil is poured into them so that they are covered.

With a toothpick, now, you push the parts that should spill out to the bottom. This done, they are stored in the freezer for at least a day.

The next day they are taken out, unmolded, and divided into as many plastic bags as there are flavors. The name of each spice should be marked on the label of each one, so that there is no doubt when it is time to use them, and then they are put back in the freezer.

It is clear that you can then pull them out as needed whenever you need to spice up your dishes with a touch of summer. As you can see, this is a very easy and affordable process.

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