How to Recycle Laundry Detergent Bottles: Creative ideas in the name of originality!

Do you have detergent bottles that you haven’t thrown away? Keep them because you could use them for a really interesting creative recycling idea!

At such a peculiar time in our history, with the environment put to the test, recycling can be a really good solution.

What’s more, we are talking about being able to reuse objects by making something new, original and useful. Recycling is not only a gesture that can allow us to save money and give a unique touch to the rooms of the house, but also a gesture of solidarity towards a planet increasingly strangled by pollution.

Net of all this, we decided to propose a really nice and original use of detergent bottles. Let’s see how to reuse them!

Detergent bottles: here’s how to turn them into lamps or chandeliers!

Especially when it comes to plastic, recycling should be a real must. Generally, almost all detergent bottles are made of plastic, and this already gives one pause for thought.

Even those who do not have strong skills related to DIY can follow our tips to make a very useful object from such a bottle. What will we need? Not much: the bottle to be recycled, a cutter, an old lamp and some hot glue.

Hot glue is very useful since it is precise and takes only a few seconds to work. We take an old one from which we can pull the lampshade off. At this point, you will be left with only the skeleton of the structure and the various arms to keep the lampshade supported.

Let’s take empty detergent bottles that we had previously stored and wash them carefully. Let’s cut them in half, or unevenly, but be careful not to hurt ourselves. Now the most complex stage. It will be necessary to make a lampshade.

We need to attach the various bottles cut already together and use hot glue for this operation: let’s make a circular structure with some patience. We then wait until they are cold and insert the lampshade on the arms of the metal base of the lamp structure that we have previously chosen.

All honing and refining operations, such as those related to length, can always be done with the cutter. Obviously, we can choose to decorate the bottle or not: we can use a spray can, or perhaps already colored bottles. The choice is subjective.

Once this phase is finished, we will have obtained a fantastic lampshade (or chandelier) that will give a touch of originality to the whole room.

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