How to Remove Balcony Rust: Easy and Effective Remedy!

Remove rust and limescale from the balcony? The simple and effective remedy!

No matter how dedicated we are to cleaning our apartment certain “problems” will always occur. In fact, one of these problems appears, especially during the cold season, is to see rust and limescale appear on the balcony. This happens because balconies are continuously exposed to the weather. This is precisely why it is normal for lime scale, mold and rust to form over time.

There are various products on the market to clean our balconies. However, if you prefer to use natural and inexpensive products, we can clean balconies with some ingredients found in everyone’s pantry.

Remove rust and lime scale from the balcony? The simple and effective remedy!

What products can be used quickly and easily to get rid of rust and limescale? Before we get to work, we need to understand what kind of floor we have and then act accordingly.

Ceramic floor

If our balcony is made from a ceramic floor, we can use lemon juice to get rid of stubborn rust and lime scale. We just need to pour the juice on the stains in question and leave it on for half an hour. After that, we run plenty of water over it and then wipe it off. We will be able to notice how the balcony, thanks to the acidity of the lemon, manages to become perfect again. If, on the other hand, the stains appear more manageable, we can simply use mild soap.

Terracotta floor

Differently if the floor is made of terracotta, we have to pour on the affected area a mixture created thanks to vinegar and water. We then leave the mixture on for a handful of minutes and then rinse. In this way the vinegar and water will reach deep down bringing out a perfect floor. Carrying out these tricks will be extremely simple and within everyone’s reach. Finally, our balcony floor will be able to shine effortlessly.

At this point, we just need to get to work!

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