How To Remove Moisture in The House And Perfume It With Only Two Natural Remedies

With the arrival of cold days, it is inevitable to notice an increase in humidity in the home as well, which can not only be bad for your health, but could also promote the formation of mold. For this reason, many of us tend to turn to commercially available dehumidifiers whose purpose is to reduce the moisture content. But did you know that you only need two ingredients to remove moisture in your home and also bring in a nice smell? Well yes! Let’s see them together!

How to

Preparing the DIY dehumidifier is a breeze, as you will only need two ingredients that you surely already have in your pantry, namely:

  • 1 lb of rock salt
  • 3 flavored tea bags

Begin, then, by taking a plastic bag and cutting out two squares large enough to cover the edges of two glass jars, trying to adjust to a size of about 5×5 inches. After that, add ½ lb of salt and one and a half tea bags to each of the two jars. At this point, shake the jars to mix the ingredients together and also pour inside 5 drops of essential oil from the fragrance you most prefer. Finally, all you have to do is secure the plastic squares on the jars with a rubber band, close the lid and leave the jars closed for 3 days, always remembering to shake them so as to further mix the ingredients. As an alternative to plastic squares, you can also simply use thin gauze. And voila: your scented dehumidifier is ready for use!

N.B We remind you, however, to replace the salt when you notice that it turns out “wet.”

Where to put them

Once you have made your scented anti-moisture jars, let’s see together how to use them around the house and where to place them so they are most effective!

  • In the bathroom

First of all, we recommend placing them in the bathroom, which is one of the most humid rooms in the house because of the steam that is created during the shower. Moreover, this is where bad odors often develop as well! Therefore, we recommend that you place the jars on window sills and unscrew the cap when you take a shower. Not only will you notice a reduction in humidity, but your bathroom will also smell better!

  • In the rooms

In addition to the bathroom, however, other rooms in the house can also be prone to moisture build-up. These include especially the kitchen, which “catches” the vapors produced during food preparation. This remedy, therefore, can also come to your rescue in removing the smell of fried food and smoke in the house! We recommend, therefore, that you put the jars near the windows, especially in the evening, when the humidity drops. If you have radiators under the windowsills, then, it would be best to place the jars on the windowsills so that the heat given off by the radiators can also help to spread the scent around the house!

  • For laundry

Finally, let’s see how to use these scented moisture-absorbing jars to dry laundry at home more quickly. In fact, we often find it easier to dry our clothes indoors in winter, but these bring a lot of moisture into the rooms and tend, therefore, not to dry easily (as well as making the house very damp!). For this, you can place jars at the foot of the clothesline and that’s it! Alternatively, you can place bowls with baking soda!

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