How to Save Money on Ironing Clothes

Who wouldn’t want to avoid using an iron and save money at the same time? Ironing is one of the things people least like to do around the house, and indeed it is often tiring and time-consuming. Precisely for this reason, today we will look together at methods for stretching and folding clothes so that we have no wrinkles and thus say goodbye to the iron while also saving money on your utility bill!

 In the washing phase

The washing phase is very important in order to properly and effectively finish the tricks I will show you in a moment. They are especially useful for having perfect laundry that always smells good! Let’s see all the tricks to follow!

  • How much detergent to put in?

Regulating yourself properly with detergent is the first thing to do in order to wash laundry properly. Obviously in terms of detergent we always recommend using natural products that were also chosen in the past and are still an environmentally friendly alternative today. An example might be baking soda or organic soap. If too much detergent is put into the washing machine, there is a risk that it will not all be disposed of properly and as a result the excess will stick between the fibers, hardening them. Conversely, a small amount of detergent does not degrease the cloths properly. The solution is to dose it well according to the load and the need that the fabric you are washing requires.

  • Don’t underestimate the Centrifuge

One thing not to underestimate is also the spin cycle! This is an important step in washing, as excess water goes away and you can have less soggy clothes. However, the more spin cycles you set, the greater the creases on the clothes will be. As a result, it will be inevitable to iron them and consume electricity with the iron. You could, rather, decrease the revolutions and wrap the clothes around a towel when you take them out of the washing machine. Avoid piled-up laundry At the end of the tips when washing there is not overloading the washing machine. If you put an endless load in the drum, you will have piled up laundry that not only will not wash properly, but you will also have to iron it at every slightest angle. Adjust correctly with the load so that you find the right balance so that you do not waste washing, but neither do you jam all your wardrobe inside the drum.

  • Shake out the laundry

Having finished the tips to put into practice when washing, let’s move on to fully understand how to save money by not taking the iron in hand! An old Grandma’s trick, which is still very valid today, suggests taking clothes one by one from the washing machine and shaking them well before laying them out. When the clothes are still damp, they have an easier time stretching out to take away those creases left here and there. In this regard, remember to do this with each garment and you will see that there will be no more creases!

  • Hidden clothespins

What does it mean to hide clothespins when laying out clothes? I’ll explain it right now! It involves putting them in strategic places of pants and sweaters so as to hide those creases they form. For example, for sweaters it might be useful to put clothespins under the armpits, while for pants put them in the area where the loops are. By doing this, even if creases form, they will not bother anyone!

  • No more creases

The last step is to fold the cloths carefully, trying not to leave pieces of fabric folded badly on top of each other. Try to be as patient and tidy as possible during this step so as to keep furniture and drawers perfect as well. In any case, if there really should be creases, they can be removed with a very simple trick! Just fill a spray bottle with demineralized water, half a teaspoon of baking soda and about 4 drops of essential oil of your choice. Spray a good amount of this mixture on the affected area, spread it out well with your hands and let it dry. The creases will be only a distant memory!


In order not to make mistakes in washing modes and get perfect cloths every time, remember to consult the symbols on the labels of the clothes.

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