How to Store Extra Virgin Olive Oil

EVO or extra virgin olive oil is one of the main foods in our diet and it is also considered as a product of the highest quality. However, to be such, it must meet certain characteristics that determine its purity.

Without these peculiarities, it risks being downgraded to simple olive oil.

But, if you have learned how to distinguish it and trust the numerous laboratory analyses carried out throughout USA, then you have a mine of virtues at your disposal. All you need is to know how to store it properly, to prevent the loss of its volatile or oxidizable micronutrients.

From 2020 that Americans’ food awareness began to grow exponentially, precisely to ensure healthy food on the table and boost immunity against the specter of the pandemic. Thus, product choice has seen the bar of quality raised. It is not enough on its own, however, you need to know how to maintain the properties of each product over time.

Curious to find out how to go about it? Let’s get started!

EVO or extra virgin olive oil: don’t make these mistakes if you want to keep it intact for a long time!

From harvesting to pressing to bottling, oil should be handled with utmost care.

The climate itself affects its quality: if too humid, too hot, the quality is compromised. Similarly, sudden changes in temperature can damage it. Therefore, suppliers, distributors and traders need to store the product properly, away from direct sunlight, inside the establishment or store, never outdoors.

We, too, must be careful not to leave the bottle near the stove on, though!

Do not leave it open for a long time, because this food is a kind of sponge and absorbs odors, remaining impregnated with them.

Although we are in no danger by consuming this product that is not perfectly intact, the fact remains that we lose the opportunity to enjoy its qualities, its aroma, its texture.

By pampering and preserving it, we also take care of ourselves, and it is always worth it!

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