How to Survive Without Heat this Winter

A year ago, Scot Carolyn Anderson decided to live without heating. The current energy crisis prompted her to share her nine tips to avoid suffering too much from the cold this winter. Until recently, Carolyn Anderson, known on TikTok by the username @orkadian, shared parts of life. Her videos had very moderate success until she shared her tips for winter without heating. A year ago, the British woman decided to stop turning on her heater to save money. She believes that in this time of energy crisis, she is in the best position to help people who want to do the same. “I’m tired of people who have never experienced a winter without heating telling people how to get through this winter,” she comments. “So here, from someone who has actually done it, are nine things to consider.”

  1. Remove condensation

In the winter, it’s not uncommon for condensation to form on windows. This is especially the case in bedrooms or even bathrooms. According to Carolyn, it’s imperative to clean them every morning or whenever you see condensation on them. “Condensation not only makes the room colder, but it also creates moisture that can lead to other problems in the home.”

  1. Moisturize your skin

Living without heating means living in a colder environment. Which can lead to a whole host of health problems. Among them, drying out the skin, which can cause painful cracks. She suggests people who want to go without heating this winter find creams and treatments that are adapted to their skin.

  1. Cover up

According to Carolyn, the cold can lead to migraines. To prevent headaches, she suggests covering the forehead with a hat or scarf. With the same idea, she invites her subscribers to keep their neck and chest warm to avoid catching a cold by breathing in cold and damp air.

  1. Drink hot drinks

To still keep warm and avoid nausea, the Brit suggests having regular cough drops, “which warm you up a little from the inside,” and hot drinks. Lots of hot drinks.

  1. Dry your clothes

The fifth tip is certainly the most important, in her opinion, and concerns the place where you dry your clothes. To avoid putting them in the dryer, Carolyn suggests buying an electric heater. “You will at least have a heated room where you can dry your clothes,” she explains.

  1. Dry your bath towels

What’s worse in an unheated house than damp clothes? According to the Brit, it’s wet bath towels: “They don’t have time to dry between showers. Using a cold, wet towel is very uncomfortable, so you really need to find a way to dry it between uses.”

  1. Storing food

Some foods tend to get hard when temperatures drop. This is the case with butter, peanut puree, almonds and other dried fruits, as well as spreads. And we know that hard-to-spread chocolate dough is a nightmare. So, Carolyn advises keeping these foods in a warm place.

  1. Air your bed

Sweating can cause the sheets and bedding to get damp quickly, which is never very comfortable when falling asleep. Therefore, it is necessary to air your bed daily.

  1. Use old cups

On point four, the Scot suggests using only old cups to drink her coffee, tea or hot chocolate. “Believe my experience. Boiling water can inevitably break colder cups,” she says.

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