How To Use and Benefits Of Citric Acid

Citric acid is a product that is gaining more and more popularity inside homes because new potentials are always being discovered! It is a very versatile ingredient that can be used for various household chores, from the washing machine to stubborn limescale build-up. The only downside, however, is that it is not easy to get hold of and not everyone knows how best to use it in the home. Today I will answer those very questions and we will see together where citric acid can be found and all its myriad uses!

Properties of citric acid

Let’s start by saying what the properties of citric acid are, I’m sure many people already know them! We are talking about an ingredient naturally extracted from citrus fruits, therefore totally free of toxicity, which is also used in natural cosmetics. The quintessential property it possesses is that of limescale remover, in fact it is chosen in place of many industrial and very environmentally unfriendly products. Other uses are aimed at the washing machine, dishwasher and small problems that can be found in the home such as bad odors or clogged drains, but we will see them later!

Where can it be found?

Now we come to the thorniest question related to citric acid: where can it be found? To date, unfortunately, there are still few stores equipped to sell this product, although in the more specialized ones it is not impossible to find it. If you are physically looking for it, you could try some hardware stores since it is often used to mix it with other substances that always have cleaning purposes. In case you want to go for a sure thing, you can undoubtedly find it on the Internet, often at even bargain prices.

How to use it at home

We have already mentioned that citric acid is used in various areas, but we are interested in seeing how to use it at home. Well, below is a list of the main things you do with citric acid within the home. Let’s find out about them together!

  • For limescale

When we talked about the properties, the anti-scale property went first! And indeed we are talking about a fantastic natural element that can remove even encrusted and difficult limescale stains. To use it you will have to dissolve ¾ lb of the product in 1 quart of water, make it into a single solution and pour it into a vaporizer. Then you will need to spray the product on the items in the house (usually in the bathroom and kitchen) that have limescale stains. Scrub with a sponge and rinse, everything will be shiny and good as new!

  • In the washing machine

Even in the washing machine you can benefit from citric acid as it is an excellent natural fabric softener! Think of it as having a solution to all those industrial products that are offered every day but pollute the environment. Citric acid, on the other hand, is effective and absolutely environmentally friendly.

To prepare the softener you will need to dissolve 1/3 lb of acid in 1 quart of water, then add 10 drops of essential oil to your liking. In the washes you will only need about ½ cup of fabric softener to get perfect laundry!

  • In the dishwasher

In the washing machine it is a natural fabric softener, but for the dishwasher citric acid is a fantastic eco-friendly rinse aid! If you have problems with dull glasses or dishes after washing, you have found the solution for you, and I’ll explain how to use it right away. Again, the doses are always the same, which is 1/3 lb of product in 1 quart of water. You can add a few drops of lemon essential oil to give a touch of freshness. Fill the appropriate tub each time you wash and see what results!

  • For the oven

Did you expect that citric acid is also valuable when used for the oven? Well yes, it can help you remove all that crust that lurks day after day and just won’t go away. You will first have to turn on the oven to 356 °F to preheat it, then turn it off and spray a generous amount of the mixture with water and citric acid respecting the doses also given in the previous paragraphs. Wait until it gets warmer, then with a sponge degrease everything and you will see that the encrustation will come off without too much effort.

  • For the whole bathroom

As a final tip, let’s see how to use citric acid for the whole bathroom! There are several problems for which this product is the most suitable solution, let’s see some of them:


This is where citric acid is at its best. All you have to do is combine 1/3 lb of the product in 1 quart of water and spray on the affected areas.

For clogged drains:

2 tablespoons of citric acid in the drains are ideal for unclogging drains. Leave it overnight and go in the next day to rinse.

For sewer stench:

do the same procedure as above for drains and also add lemon juice, always wait overnight and then flush.

Yellow halos in the toilet:

very recurrent problem, you can prepare a solution respecting the doses given previously and spray on the affected area. Then wait a few minutes and then scrub with a broom.


Try citric acid first on unseen corners to make sure it will not damage surfaces. Also remember that it cannot go on marble or natural stone.

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