How to Use Soap not Only for Laundry but also For the Home

Bar soap takes us back a bit to the times when our grandmothers did household chores! Its main function was aimed mostly at laundry, in fact it is great if you want to have perfect laundry in an eco-friendly and economical way. However, with time, many other functionalities of bar soap have been discovered, let’s see together what they are as it can be put to good use not only for laundry, but also for the whole house!

In the kitchen

Let’s start with the kitchen, the area of the house that most of all can benefit from the cleaning action of bar soap! In fact, all it takes is a little ball of it on a sponge to make the stovetop, sink, tiles and more like new. You’ll need to get the soap to adhere well to the cloth or sponge and scrub thoroughly over all the areas to be treated. Always remember to rinse well because bar soap is made up of coconut oil and small halos may remain. However, the most loved trick with bar soap in the kitchen is for fires and saucers, do you know it? Well, just take a small piece of the product, attach it to a mesh sponge and rub it on fires and saucers several times. You will be amazed at the results because the stains will go away, but most importantly they will be super shiny!

In the bathroom

After discovering all the tricks in the kitchen, let’s see how to use bar soap in the bathroom! This is useful for several little problems that are often encountered, here are some of them:

  • Bad odors in the toilet: you will have to take a large enough ball of soap and put it in the inner bowl of the toilet, it will adhere well. This way every time you flush the bad odors will go away.
  • bar halos in the toilet: again you will need to put a small ball of product in the toilet, cover the bowl with baking soda and rub it over the affected area with a toilet brush. Then leave it on for a while and go to rinse…goodbye halos!
  • Limestone: a very recurring problem, just put soap on a sponge and wash the affected areas by rubbing gently.
  • For whiter ceramics: do the same above step on all bathroom fixtures to get them shiny!

For surfaces

When we need to remove dust, dirt and various residues from surfaces, bar soap comes to our rescue to solve everything! The coconut oil contained inside is great for removing dust mites, bacteria and refurbishing treated areas. You will need to dissolve a small ball of product in warm water and wash over the areas using a soft sponge or microfiber cloth. You will see what a fantastic result!

Very dirty windows

Every day you try to keep your windows shiny and free of halos, but all it takes is one rainy day to ruin everything! Post-rain windows are always very dirty and sometimes even encrusted since rainwater is not clean. So, fill a bucket with warm water, moisten a soft sponge and stick a ball of soap on it spreading it well. Run it over all the glass and rinse immediately with a microfiber cloth, dry with a cotton cloth. The windows will be perfect!

Natural Detergent

Finally, let’s see how to make a natural detergent with our dear bar soap! This is useful for always having it ready and especially for not always sticking your hands every time you need it in the house. You will need to take 1 lump of soap and melt it in a small saucepan with a little water over a very low flame. Once completely dissolved, add another cup of water and 1 tablespoon of baking soda, stir with the flame off. Pour everything into a bottle to your liking and your natural detergent is ready to use!


Test the bar soap in unseen corners before using it in the various areas indicated.

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