How to Wash and Take Care of Your Tea Towels: without Chemicals just Natural ingredients from your Kitchen

Tomato, flour, chocolate–these are some of the stains that accumulate the most on rags, cloths and dishcloths after cleaning. If you don’t wash and disinfect them, the rags and cloths will eventually acquire yellow, brown or black stains, as well as become breeding grounds for microorganisms dangerous to human health. In fact, a kitchen cloth is one of the 10 household items with the most bacteria.

For the above mentioned reasons, we have prepared a comprehensive guide to see how to degrease, wash and disinfect kitchen cloths.

Baking soda:

Baking soda has excellent properties for removing the toughest stains from fabrics. It is a product that cleans, disinfects and bleaches fabrics.

To clean kitchen rags with baking soda, here’s what to do.

Put the rags, cloths and dishcloths in the washing machine and add 3 tablespoons of baking soda to the drawer designated for detergent.

Program a short, high-temperature wash cycle. The warm water, combined with the product, will eliminate the bacteria present.

Remember to lay them out as soon as the wash cycle is finished. Leaving fabrics in the washing machine for a long time generates mold and mildew growth. In fact, one of the most common mistakes when putting in the washing machine is to leave the laundry inside for several hours.

With vinegar and lemon

White vinegar is our favorite natural detergent, as it can degrease, disinfect and remove tough stains just as traditional detergents do. If you combine it with other products such as baking soda or lemon, it will become even more efficient.

To clean kitchen rags with vinegar, here’s what to do:

In a basin or bucket pour plenty of hot water, at least 5 liters. Then, add 3 cups of white cleaning vinegar. Next, add the natural juice of two lemons to the mixture.

Insert all the cloths and kitchen rags. Let them soak for a couple of hours. During this time, the vinegar will soften the grease on the rags, making cleaning easier. This trick is also great for bleaching even a yellowed tablecloth.

After the time has elapsed, you can finish washing by hand or in the washing machine. In the washing machine you will just need to schedule a long wash cycle with hot water and your usual detergent.

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