Hydrangea yellow and burned leaves: causes and solutions

Hydrangeas are among the few flowering plants that prefer semi-shaded and shady locations. If the hydrangea is exposed to the sun all day, it often shows leaf damage. Even if you suddenly expose an indoor hydrangea to direct outdoor sunlight, the foliage may burn.

Hydrangea yellow and burned leaves: this is the cause!

When strong sunlight hits the surface of the leaves, the leaves gradually turn brown. This happens because moisture from the leaves attracts sunlight and causes them to dry out. This causes the leaves to lose their green color. While the foliage often shows only slight damage in the form of brown spots, the young shoots can barely withstand the radiation and dry out before they have developed properly.

The hydrangea: a plant that likes to be in the shade

Although some hydrangea species also thrive in full sun, most varieties prefer a partially shaded or shady location. You should choose a suitable location not too much sun when planting to avoid moving the hydrangea later.

In early spring, hydrangeas bring color into the house and chase away the grayness of winter. If you have the opportunity, you can transplant the plant outdoors after a few weeks. So that the hydrangea’s leaves do not burn, it is important to slowly accustom the hydrangea to the changing conditions. Initially, place the hydrangea in the late afternoon or early morning sun, that is, the least strong sun. During the hottest hours, choose a shady area instead.

Burnt hydrangea leaves: here’s what to do to fix the problem

Although burnt hydrangea foliage is not pretty to look at, there is no need to worry seriously. Hydrangea usually recovers quickly and returns as beautiful and healthy as before. If you discover sun damage, these steps can be of great help:

  • Check the location and move the hydrangea away from the sun
  • Cut off burned leaves and flowers
  • Shade the hydrangea during very hot days in midsummer
  • Never water the hydrangea under the scorching midday sun. It is inevitable that during watering, water droplets will also fall on the leaves and then burn in the sun. The right time to water hydrangeas is in the early morning or in the evening at sunset.

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