Hydrogen peroxide in the bathroom: make this mix and you will be surprised!

One of the items that can never be missing in the home is definitely hydrogen peroxide.

It is a product that has several functions, many of which are perhaps less well known. Not everyone knows, in fact, that this magic liquid has crazy cleaning power.

Especially, it turns out to be very useful for cleaning the bathroom. But let’s see exactly how!

Goodbye limescale!

Hydrogen peroxide can be used with amazing results to combat limescale build-up. Every time we wash our hands by turning on the faucet, we give limescale a chance to expand.

The white stains are now unmistakable. Hydrogen peroxide is very useful: just dilute it in 0.26 gal of water (at least 4.05- 4.39 oz of product) and add a little natural soap. This solution can be used on a microfiber or cotton cloth.

Yellow toilet strips

How unaesthetic can yellow streaks in the toilet be? With hydrogen peroxide we can eliminate them. It will be enough, in that case, to mix a teaspoon of it in about 10.14 oz of water and add some baking soda. Then, we can place it in a vaporizer and spray it on the affected areas-the result will be amazing! It may be necessary to repeat these steps for several days.

Hydrogen peroxide against mold

Mold is another thing that absolutely must be fought, both because it is anti-aesthetic and because it can be particularly harmful to health. Most of the time, this is formed in the bathroom, as the environment is created for it to proliferate.

Hydrogen peroxide can be used, on a cotton ball for example, to eliminate mold: it needs to act, however, at least a couple of hours on the area. Afterwards, simply wipe with a sponge to notice the amazing result!

How to whiten ceramics with hydrogen peroxide

There is also another really great use for this product, which is to whiten ceramics. Just pour some hydrogen peroxide on a cotton or microfiber cloth, which has been previously moistened. We can, at this point, run it over the bathroom ceramics and wait for it to take effect, before rinsing it off.

Cleaning the faucets

Finally, we can clean the bathroom faucets, which tend to accumulate limescale and impurities. We can create a kind of cleaning spray. We combine 4.05- 4.39 oz of hydrogen peroxide with 0.26 gal of plain water; then one tablespoon of natural soap, liquid or powdered, to scent and degrease and one tablespoon of baking soda. Once everything is mixed, pour it into a vaporizer and use it on the faucets-the difference between before and after will surprise you!


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