Hyperpigmentation: Natural and Professional Remedies to Apply on Skin, Face and Body

Dark spots on the face and body? Here’s what hyperpigmentation is and how to treat it safely

When it comes to skin and beauty, the term hyperpigmentation refers to an imperfection that causes the appearance of scattered dark spots due to the body’s excess production of melanin.

The areas where these spots appear are mainly the face, hands, and other areas of the body frequently exposed to the sun.

There are several types of hyperpigmentation:

  • The focal one, indicating spots concentrated in circumscribed areas of the body, not to be confused with freckles and ephelides
  • Local, such as melasma or chloasma gravidarum
  • The general one, in which spots cover the entire body.

Hyperpigmentation face and body, what are the causes?

Before understanding how to combat this problem, the causes that trigger hyperpigmentation of the skin must be identified. At the base is definitely age and skin aging, a condition that is basically irreversible. Next, sun exposure plays a key role in melanin production. Finally, there may be other subjective problems, such as hormonal imbalances or pathologies.

Hyperpigmentation, remedies to combat spots on face and body

At the aesthetic level, remedies to try to defeat dark spots on the skin can be divided into two broad categories. There are professional ones that can only be carried out by specialists and in medical centers, and DIY ones that can be tried at home.

Hyperpigmentation, before remedies there is prevention

Having said all that, a separate chapter, however, should be devoted to prevention: it is not a real remedy but an essential starting point for taking care of the skin. Sunscreen, for example, should be used year-round, precisely to prevent the appearance of spots. The sun, despite being less intense, can cause damage even in winter and not only in summer.

In addition, avoiding smoking and alcohol and adopting a healthy lifestyle, doing sports and eating enough fruits and vegetables, will definitely benefit the skin as well. A glowing, blemish-free face is also the result of a well-functioning body.

Professional remedies to combat hyperpigmentation

When it comes to medical treatments, alternatives to combat hyperpigmentation are:

Chemical peels :

to be performed in professional centers, through which acid solutions are used on the skin, which work to remove the most superficial spots.


this is another type of professional treatment, which locally targets dark spots to remove them permanently.


Remedies to try at home to lessen hyperpigmentation on face and body

If the extent of the disorder permits, there are remedies that can be implemented at home as well:

Specific lightening creams

To be applied consistently and that contain in their formula substances such as:

  • Hydroquinone, which slows the production of melanin
  • B-resorcinol, which inhibits melanin production
  • Vitamin C, which in addition to its many beneficial properties also boasts that it is an excellent lightener
  • Azelaic acid, a natural bactericide that is also effective against acne

Natural compresses and solutions

There are indeed plant substances with disinflammatory and lightening properties, among them are:

Baking soda:

which acts as an activator and excellent lightener on blemishes

Aloe vera:

the pure gel has lightening properties


often used precisely as a lightening mask

In conclusion, it should be remembered to proceed in order: first in fact, the cause of hyperpigmentation must be identified, turning when necessary to professionals and doctors. Only then can one choose the most appropriate treatment, professional or at home, to act – safely – on the skin and spots.

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